Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's pretty hard to believe that I started this blog in 2006 and here I am, nine years later, still looking back to it for inspiration and to remind me where I came from. So many things have changed and I have grown so much, while ever shrinking. 

I hit a big goal of mine recently. I'm not breaking up with Lane Bryant quite yet, but we're rocky. 

For the first time in my Dutch life, so 11 years, I walked into a regular old store, and put on a regular size dress. The exchange went something like this:

me: That dress is awesome. I'm going to go in and try it, just to see how far I have to go still. 

Grabs biggest size they have. 

Gets the dress on. Like... ON. 

Walks out to see myself in the mirror. 

store employee: Oh, that looks a little big, let me see if we have a size smaller. 

me: umm yeah, there is no way my booty is fitting in a smaller size (thinking: did she not see the size of my ass?!?!?)

store employee: Just humor me, I think it's going to be great.

me: _______________(lost for words as I am still stunned I got the dress on. Like ON!)

Apparently they pay this women the big bucks for a very good reason. Not only did I fit in the smaller size, it fit me like a glove! 

So yeah, here is the dress that drew me into the store:

And I happened to walk in on the "buy one get one free" sale. It's like the gods of weight loss were looking down on me saying "throw that woman a BONE". 

I've turned a major corner recently, recently being the last three years but more so in the last five months. I have been focused, consistent, powerful, true, honest and lucky. I dare not jinx it too much by saying how awesome shit is right now so I will just leave it with that. Life is good.