Tuesday, September 08, 2009

We've arrived!

Just a quick note to let you all know we've arrived safe and sound, with all luggage, dog...the works... and everything went smooth and, really, better than we ever could have expected a trip with a 13 month old to go. We're working out the sleep issues but otherwise having a super duper time so far!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

In all the excitement building up to our vacation, today is a bit bittersweet. Today would have been my Grandma's birthday had she not passed away, way too soon. I never know if she was born in 1934 or 1936 but I know it was one of those so she would have been 75 or 73 this year. Every year when the calendar rolls around to the 1st of September I'm already anticipating the sadness that the 5th will bring followed by the equally if not more sad day September 6th which is the actual day she passed away.

I always wonder what she would have thought of Marco. I know she would have loved him simply because he loved me. That's the type of person she was, always had extra room in her heart to love somebody. She always gave the underdog a chance and saw the best in people even when nobody else wanted to see it. Not that Marco is an underdog! HAHA But that's the type of person she was, always loving, always forgiving and always there to give you whatever it was you needed.

I don't wonder if she would have loved Sadie. I know she would have. I do wish my little girl wouldn't have had to miss out on knowing her though.

I guess I can look at it another way though. I'm heading home to Illinois on Monday to visit my family and friends and after a few weeks I'll come back home to Holland, but my Grandma is with me here all the time.

I love you Grandma. Happy Birthday.