Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i hope you know...

Hi everybody! I hope you all realize that my lack of blogging is due to being on vacation in the USA for the holidays. I've been updating Sadie's blog periodically but I hate using up my time here just to say "I ate too much of this" or "I know it wasn't healthy but it sure was good" a hundred times over. I did, however, buy an exercise video yesterday to take home with me so my mind is still on weight loss even if my actions aren't exactly what they "should" be right now. The video is from the Biggest Loser so how can you go wrong? I'm actually looking forward to getting home and popping it in.

We leave (sadly) on the 3rd after a 3 week long visit. I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and hope you have an equally as happy New Years! We'll "talk" soon!

Monday, December 08, 2008

We had a car accident...

We got in a wreck yesterday on the way to a party for Sinterklaas. Everybody (Me, the baby, Marco's Dad and Mom) is okay. My back is the only one that seems to be sore.

We were on the highway and hit a traffic jam suddenly. Marco's Dad had to slam on the breaks to stop but we stopped soon enough. I immediately thought, I hope the car behind us can stop and WHAM! I didn't even hear screeching tires so I am sure she hit us full speed. It threw us into the next lane, thank God another car wasn't coming and he pulled over to the side. Sadie was screaming, obviously.

I jumped out of the car, crying and shaking, and picked Sadie up and she stopped crying immediately. The highway was busy and another car immediately pulled up in front of us and a guy jumped out, said he was a doctor and checked her out. She was laughing at him. He said she was fine. Fons, my father in law had already called 112 (our 911) and the ambulance showed up next. They also checked her and she was just cracking up at everybody.

We're getting a new carseat today because after a wreck you can't be sure there aren't cracks in the plastic or it's been weakened and I don't want to take any chances. We have to have one before Friday when we leave for vacation to the USA! YAY

I'll be back at work tomorrow, took today off as I knew I would be sore. I'm pumping up on ibuprophen. Oh and the car is totalled. Things could have been so much worse though. A car is a car... nothing can replace my baby.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Good news this morning. Another pound gone. I'm down to 123.5 kilos (multiply by 2.2 for pounds). I was pretty surprised considering Aunt Flo showed her ugly, unwanted mug which usually means I retain retain retain that water.

I was generally pretty proud of myself this week. Not a perfect week but I'm not striving for perfection right now, just a better balance. I made good choices for the most part especially when it came to snacking. I definately have a sweet tooth and didn't deny myself totally of sweets but the quantity I ate in comparison to in the past was much improved.

I have been craving ice cream this week which I induldged in every day during my pregnancy... okay sometimes twice a day. I haven't had any yet but I'm certain if I don't get some soon we're going to have a binge. I just won't buy a carton for the house, I'll go somewhere and get a cone, just enough to stave off my craving but not so much that I go crazy with it. Controling my environment is key here.

This week I want to concentrate on stopping the late night snacking. I know it's usally done out of boredom or habit and I need to make a conscious effort to quit that.

I hope you all have wonderful, successful healthy weeks!

p.s. I will be on a plane, on my way to the USA in just 10 teeny tiny short little days. WE CANNOT WAIT!