Monday, January 23, 2012

The Weight Loss Bible

On top of the wonderful help I received at the clinic, Novarum, I still have at hand my weight loss bible, Dr. Phil's "The Ultimate Weight Solutions". If you've been a long time reader or have gone through any of my older posts since finding me you'll know that this is how "weighin in" got started. Even when I was getting help at Novarum they encouraged me to go back and re-read Dr. P's book and highlight the things that had spoken to me. The list I made of "things that work for me" when I was finishing my last sessions with the clinic resides in my "weight loss bible" for those days that I just can't remember what it's all for.

I've been in a bit of a slump when it comes to exercise. Okay, I've been a slug. Seriously a slug. For one reason or another (read: one excuse or another) I've not made myself move on a regular basis for way too long. I wanted the magic answer as to why I just couldn't motivate myself to move so I took out my bible and started to read. I only got a few paragraphs into it when my answer reached up and slapped me in the face. Let me go ahead and quote (page 217 last paragraph)

"Read this as though I am speaking directly  to you: effective weight management demands that you require more of yourself in terms of personal integrity, honesty and maturity. Get real enough with yourself to say, "I'm mature and honest enough to not play mind games with myself"."

I pride myself on being an honest person. I think of myself as a person with integrity. I can, in certain circumstances be mature (that doesn't include people falling or tripping because no matter what, I always laugh inappropriately). I need to hold myself accountable for the decisions I make or choose not to make. Yes I am a busy Mom who works full time but yes, I do sit on the couch for more than one hour almost day and veg out. I need to seriously get real with myself. I'm not fooling anybody but me and even I'm not that daft.

So here I am, back at 3 days a week exercise every week. All weeks of the year because if I don't make this change and stick with it then I will not be successful and not being successful is simply not an option.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Trying something new

Today with every food/exercise related decision I am going to make I am going to ask myself "does this help in my weight loss efforts". I've tried it a couple times already this morning and that split second that it takes to think of the whole "actions = consequences" scenario makes quite a difference. I've already taken the stairs twice (which is two more times than I usually would) and skipped my second coffee. It's a little trick my good friend Clare told me about, as she's doing it too, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm also giving up soda in all forms this week. It's been causing me stomach problems over the past month or so and it's beyond the point where I can continue to ignore it. Duh!

This, combined with my same efforts I've been making over the past year is my current plan of action!

I hate that this blog seems more like a report than a fun, lighthearted read about my weight loss efforts. I would like to get back to it. I'll try. No promises.