Monday, March 12, 2012

Wowza I am pumped!

Good morning and happy Monday! Let's just cut to the chase here... I weighed in this morning and was happy to see I've broken the 270 threshold and am down to a svelte (hehe) 267.3 pounds (121.5 kilos). WOWZA! It's exciting in a few ones, in the "pounds" it's a barrier breaker, to be in the 60's but in the "kilos" it means I'm only 1.5 kilos away from being in the teens!

I've logged into My Fitness Pal every day and religiously logged my food and exercise and a few things have happened.

1) I'm keenly aware of what a tablespoonful is now. Talk about over estimation!
2) I can actually see where my "mistakes" have been made
3) I've regained that community feel of being part of something bigger in this world, and I'm not talking about my arse! Having somebody tell me "hey, I saw your food diary today, way to go" really can be an uplifting experience!

I've also managed to make peace with perfection (or inperfection), which, in terms of counting or logging foods, I've never been able to achieve. When I log in my lunch and see that I may go over my calorie suggestion for the day I don't panik and choose a totally low-cal, won't make me feel full, strict "diet" dinner (or worse, skip eating!). Instead, I eat what I had planned and just make mental notes for "next time". This, this accomplishment, I have to give the credit to Novarum. WOW. Really not beating myself up or panicking or freaking out or being super strict... I've just never ever been in that place in my entire life. The feeling of control and not needing to be 100% perfect when it comes to weight loss is so freaking fantastically liberating that I could spit.

So yeah, I'm in a good place right now. I've made some decisions and they're paying off. Well done me!

I hope you're all having healthy, successful weeks!
(going to try to post some pics soon!)

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Setting myself up for success

As well as joining My Fitness Pal for really getting a good grasp on my caloric intake and what all I'm putting into my body I've been making other positive changes in my life in regards to foods over the past months.

There was a passage in the weight loss bible (Dr. Phil's The Ultimate Weight Loss Solutions) that told a little story about setting yourself up for success and that may include making some really tough decisions in regards to the people you're with and the surroundings you're in on a regular basis. One story he told was of a man who took a different route to work in order to avoid driving past McDonalds and tempting himself. Another story was about a kid who quit working at a video store where candy and sweets tempted him and found a new job at a gym. Reading that passage and really taking it to heart meant I needed to make some changes in my life as well if I really do want to succeed at weight loss.

I took a look at one of my biggest, most fun, favorite hobbies that I have and that I share with a very close friend of mine and decided it was unhealthy for me. So for a time, I've stopped baking treats. No more cakes, cupcakes, cookies coming from my kitchen every other weekend. I will still bake on special occasions or at the request of my daughter, because she's fallen in love with the hobby as well (or maybe it's just the one on one time with Mommy) but to bake just because it's cold and I feel like doing something... that habit I have stopped. Even if the intention was to bake and bring the goods to work, you know one or two or five of those sweets would always creep past my lips and onto my hips.

I've deleted the many facebook pages I had "liked" that were bakers, cake shops, decoration shops and food related. I am mesmerized by the "art" that is cake and shows like "Cake Boss" and "The Ace of Cakes" but it's all too tempting to watch those things and not crave sweets! Sweets, especially cakes and pies, are a total trigger for me. I've stopped torturing myself by sitting on the couch and flipping these shows on. Who couldn't think of cakes when every other post on facebook is showing you a delicious treat? Nobody, that's who. It doesn't make me weak, it makes me human.

The hardest part was telling my good friend that I was no longer going to partake in our cake adventures. She's a baker, semi-professionally, 100% talented and we used to look for classes we could do together. From baking to decoration to just shopping around, caking was something that originally brought us together. She helped me raise money for a charity by doing a bake sale with me. We even practiced piping one weekend when she came over to hang out just for fun. The only negative part about all of those fun time were they surrounded me with triggers and temptation. I'm a human after all and I'm not about to try to prove otherwise. Naturally she was understanding and even supportive of my decision, which just shows what a true friend she is. We still talk and hang out loads but we just have other things to talk about now.

It's pretty amazing how simply cutting out a few visual triggers can make such a big difference in your mental health surrounding foods but, at least for me, it's worked wonders.

I hope you're having healthy, successful weeks!