Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Didn't happen

So the whole "cutting sugar for a mere two weeks" didn't happen. At.all. The very first morning I went to work knowing I could eat the Greek yogurt, apple and banana that would be there waiting for me. We always have fresh fruit available to us on the snack tables (yeah, we have snack tables at work that are stocked daily) and I had just bought some yogurt on Friday and left half of the container there. I didn't eat breakfast at home, obviously, so I was hungry by time I got to work. Well the snack table was out of apples...and bananas. Oh well, I would just eat my yogurt plain...only I got to the fridge and my yogurt was frozen solid and somebody had knocked the lid off so it was all gross inside. So no breakfast for me led to eating a snack bar later. Then at lunch I forgot that I wasn't eating sugar and had a half a sandwich with Nutella. I remembered later in the afternoon and laughed at my efforts so far. You definitely need a better plan than on Sunday night saying "I'm going to cut out sugar" and not make any preparations for the days ahead. Then as my day got busier and the next day came and went I forgot about my goal all together.

I did weigh in this morning to see 124.2 on the scale (kilos). I've been hovering between 122 and 124 for, well what seems like forever now. I know it's been months. I'm actually sick of talking about it to be honest.

Then Marco actually gave me the "are you trying to lose weight" question a few weeks back, which of course sent me into a crying, hurt feelings, my husband hates me, fit. We talked it out though and he's going to try and be more supportive (not suggest McDonald's for lunch) and I'm going to try to be less nonchalant about the issue at hand. It was actually a really good talk.

We're coming "home" in September and I really want to be able to buy some decent clothes in a much smaller size instead of buying big clothes again while I'm waiting for the weight to magically drop off my ass.

So there you go. We'll see what this week will bring. I'll just keep on keeping on until I get back into my groove.


becklette said...

ooooh, those "my husband hates me" fits are the. worst. i'm sorry.

and i'm sorry the sugar thing didn't work out. have you re-read your man dr. phil lately? that always seems to get you on track.

Saffa Chick said...

Oops - "are you trying to lose weight?"... LOL - the poor guy!

Carry on with cutting out sugar - it ought to work really well! Unless you are like me and substitute salt and vinegar chips... mmmm.

Erin said...

I've had a lot of "didn't happen" lately! Lose weight, workout, update my blog, catch up email, fill out the stack of papers waiting for me, etc. Not sure what my issue is (dr. ruled out depression though). I'm just finding better things to do I guess, lol. I agree with becklette though...check in with Dr. Phil. Maybe you'll find that inspiration you're waiting for:)

Kimberly said...

I don't know if you remember me, but I used to comment here regularly (I think my blog at the time was living thin to be thin or somesuch...then it became the oh so negative ManureHappens). Anyway, I had a baby boyy in September and was 18 pounds down from my pre-preg weight by my 2week postpartum appt. I'm now 1/2 a pound down from my pre-preg weight. It's nuts. I ate wonderfully while I was pregnant, but it has fallen apart since then (and I don't believe that whole nursing burns a zillion calories thing. It just doesn't!).

Anyway, writing to say I'm right there with you. That's it:)