Monday, February 14, 2011

Tough to workout or tough workouts? (And Happy Valentines Day!)

Last night I begrudgingly did my 30 minute aerobic workout on the Wii. No puppy dogs and rainbows there, a didn't want to do it, didn't feel like doing and had no intention of doing it. Sometimes, it's just tough to workout! I hadn't seen Marco all weekend because he worked all day long, I was tired and I just wanted to sit with him and relax, talk about stuff and not be working out.

Marco, however, gently nudged me to go ahead and do it, which initially made me want to scratch out his eyes and convinced me that he hated my guts. What a jerkface.

So I snapped on the Wii, glared at him (as he easily sat behind the computer playing poker), and began to angrily grapevine, side step, kick and whatever else that skinny beotch on the Wii made me do.

I probably switched modes and moods about 10 minutes into it though. I wasn't pouting anymore and really trying to push myself and I no longer wanted to scratchs Marco's eyes all the way out, maybe just poke 'em a little. The skinny beotch on the Wii was still irritating but I could be on a Prozac-sugar-endorphin high beyond your wildest dreams and she'd still be irritating.

I pushed through and finished a tough 30 minutes, sweat and all. I somehow managed to make that "tough to workout" monent and refocus it into a "tough workout".

As a layed sprawled out on the ground sweating and stretching Marco came over and said "good job sweetheart". I knew he nudged me because he wants to see me happy and knows I would be pissed at myself today for skipping it. That man is one brave soldier, living his life with no fear of Sarah's Wrath, which, I will say, can be pretty darned scary.

I hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!


Jess and James said...

Every time I read one of your blog posts it is like I am reading something I have said in my head so many times!! Seriously, you and I could be twins!!!!!

I didn't want to work out yesterday either, but my husband helped encourage me to do it and didn't hold me back from doing it (I did want to scratch his eyes out too!!).

Glad you feel a lot better after doing that. And I am glad that M is so good to you about working out and knowing your mental state. He is such a good man for you!!!

Beginning Anew said...

hahaha about the skinny beotch on wi. that cracked me up! Doesn't it feel good to surprise yourself by turning it around?! I think that is a great thing you did! Keep up the good work!