Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thinking Outloud

I'm still alive and here is proof.

Okay so that's just a cheap way to show you all how cute my kid has gotten in the three years she's been here on earth.

I'm not really sure what's going on... I guess a new phase in my life has started and my blog has gone by the wayside. It means, in no way, that I have stopped anything that I learned with DEWY and Novarum. I'm still plugging along, slowly but surely. Well actually I'm still staying steady where I was two weeks ago and two months ago but at least I'm staying steady. I'm not having manic diet thoughts. I'm not making myself feel guilty over food. Or happy over food. Or anything over food. I still have that beast conquered. I still love the decision that I made to go for help and I still am thrilled at the results.

I guess because it's just going so... I don't know... what's the word... smoothly(?) that I don't really know what to say. I'm just kind of stupmed. I'm not doing any big huge mile stone goals, which is what I've always filled my blog with in the past. I'm just going with the flow, albeit mindfully, and that does't leave for very interesting writing material.

I've also got a few more distrations keeping me from blogging regularly. I've started doing some other writing projects which thrills me to bits. My job is going amazingly well. I'm super happy there. My life at home is stupendous. My kid is great. I'm feeling great. I'm loving my friends. I'm loving my life and things seem to be going in a forward, positive motion. As far as weight loss is concerned though... it's just kind of the same.

I'm not going to close down my blog. I don't think that would be the right thing to do at all but it feels a bit silly to have it sitting here and not writing in it. Maybe I need to find some little motivations that are weight loss and healthy eating related that will get me posting and keep me posting more often.

Feel free to shout out some answers. Give feed back. What should I do at this point? Where do I go from here? What goals should I make? What direction should .02 take?

In the meantime I hope you're having happy, healthy, successful weeks!


Tanja said...

Steady and sure wins the race, beauty. And everything else is balanced and doing well...reporting from time to time that all is well and on course is good & exciting enough, I think. Hugs!!

Catherine McMaster said...

Hi Sarah,
I just enjoy hearing about your take on the everyday things, so if that is just to say what you are up to and why you are loving it that would be great.

All About Amelia said...

haven't been to your blog in awhile - lost the link after my computer died! I am still battling the weight loss as well. Sadie is as beautiful as her momma!! I think i have some reading to do to get caught up on you! do you still have a blog for sadie?