Sunday, April 26, 2009

still alive

I'm still alive and kicking. I'm still in a "funk" about what I am doing with my weight loss but I'm defiantly (misspelling of definitely or maybe subconsciously...) still trying to lose weigh. How hard I'm trying is the true question.

In other news... I have posted some pictures on Sadie's blog and people at work have been commenting on my new "bangs" (fringe for you Aussies). I actually have started to be able to laugh about these bangs as I realize they look absolutely, incredibly, ridiculous. Some people have said, side eyed, "oh, did you cut your hair" or when they're talking to me I see their eyes drift to my upper upper upper forehead to where the little hairs peek out from my hairline in about an inch long strand of kindergarten bangs. I can't help but say to them "quit looking at my hair" and then they generally ask the same line of question "did you cut your hair". And I'm sure they don't mean "did somebody at a SALON do this to your head" what they really want to say is "what in the hell were you thinking when you cut your hair so short that you look like, well, a blind-in-one-eye 4 year old who got a hold of the scissors".

Thank God I have a sense of humor. You see, I didn't cut my hair at all. Nor did anybody at the salon give me these glorious kiddy bangs. After my pregnancy, when Sadie was about 4 months old my hair started falling out. I think I told you guys this. It fell out in handfuls and I was sure I'd be bald by the end of it. Well about 1.5 months of it and as quickly as it started, it stopped. Whew. Baldness averted. But now those little bastards are growing back in and I look absolutely ridiculous. I can't do anything with them and they just hang out straight across my big ole forehead screaming "look at what this clown did with the scissors!". And I'm sure it's what the people who don't have the balls enough to ask, think.

Oh yes, after I explain the situation, showing the bald patches on my temples, people say "ooooooohhhhh! I see. They don't look so bad" or "no, it's fresh, I like it" but I know the truth. I look bizarro. Thank God my hair grows quickly.

I've actually contemplated going to get REAL bangs cut to cover these little wispy bangs but the reason I didn't have bangs in the first place is because I hate them. They make me look like a kid and, although I am no longer a spring chicken, looking 12 isn't quite the look I was going for either.

What's even funnier is I have cut my own bangs before in the past, when I was working at Walgreens. I was getting ready for work and having a bad hair day (decade) and out came Mom's orange handled scissors and voila, I was immediately 12 again. Why oh why do we do such things to ourselves?

Oh well, there isn't anything I can do about it but ride out the storm, endure the "looks" and laugh at myself. I mean, look at them, who couldn't laugh?

See my little bity bangs? (and my super cute daughter?)

Another shot of the tiny row of hair (and the super cute baby in her swim suit!)

I'll be back later this week to talk more "shop" and let you know if I weigh in on Tuesday.


Erin said... are NOT alone! About 5-6 months after I had my daughter, I started getting little wispy sections along my hairline. My stylist even asked what was going on with my hair (um, isn't she suppose to be the expert? ;) I did a little searching and I guess it's a hormonal thing and the good news is, they are growing out! I just couldn't wear my hair back for a while without looking like I had horns made of wispy hair, lol.

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