Friday, July 10, 2009

Thank you

Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes. We made it through the week and I kept in close contact with my Mom, which really helped. It is so hard being here but you just have to do what you have to do sometimes.

In other events, remember when I was talking about my "life plate" being extremely full and all of the stress I've been dealing with which has negatively effected my life, especially my weight loss efforts, well it still is a madhouse around here, but in the upcoming weeks/months I am hoping that things will turn around for me. I can't disclose too much information right now but as soon as I can you all will be the first to know. Just keep your fingers crossed for me in the upcoming weeks, okay?

In weight loss news, well, there isn't much to report to be honest. I'm doing what I can when I can and I am sneaking in exercise a heck of a lot more often in the past weeks than I have for a long time but nothing seems to be budging. I do, however, have a lot more energy. This is a combination of Sadie sleeping better (I don't dare say it too loud for fear of jinxing myself) and making myself get up and move. Nothing makes you want to get up and move like getting up and actually moving. It's funny how exercise works that way. I'm going to start bike riding again (thanks for the inspiration Jen!).

Food has always been the toughest part for me though and it still is. I think it always will be. We had a contest at work recently where we were asked to write a 7-10 second (when read) public service announcement (psa) for a health issue of our choice from the given list. Then they're judged and the top 5 PSA's writers are shipped a video camera to then record your psa. Then the company will vote on the best of the 5 and the winner will get a trip to New York or LA to watch their announcement be shown on TV for the first time (and I think they professionally shoot the announcement as well). Naturally my mind immediately went to obesity, especially childhood obesity. I came up with a slogan that has echoed in my head since well before I was pregnant with Sadie and it's honestly what made me get on this weight loss journey in the first place. It's what helped me lose 72+ pounds before my pregnancy and it's what is going to get the weight back off now. I don't think I can share the slogan I came up with right now, until the winners of the contest are chosen (because you know I'm planning on winning), so I guess this is all a little tease but the whole point is...since actually writing this slogan out on paper (well computer screen) and submitting it, it has echoed in my head every single day, with every decision I make. It has already effected me so who knows, maybe it will be chosen as the winner and then it can echo in your head as well. I'll keep you posted.

I did get on the scale on Tuesday with no movement from the prior weeks. I hopped on this morning to see a slight decrease in numbers but Tuesday is the official day so let's hope I can drop some serious poundage by then.

I hope you all are having healthy, successful weeks and thanks again for all of your kindness.

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AGirlWorthLosing said...

Thinking about you and praying for you. Here's to better days!