Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tweet Tweet, the Canary's were fantastic!

So sorry I forgot to post before I left for vacation! I did weigh in, however, and there really wasn´t that much to say. I had made a goal to drop roughly 11 pounds before my vacation, just as a fun little goal, and alas, I didn´t drop a pound. Not one single pound. It´s typical me, when I have a deadline, weight loss related, I tend to binge my way out of success every time. This is something I hope to work out with the therapist if they ever call me to make my appointment.
We did have a wonderful time in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote was the island we went to) and I managed not to gain a single pound while there, even with drinking alcohol (which I don't do at home) and I actually managed to lose two. I guess it was all the activity and NOT sitting on the couch watching TV that did it because I didn't watch what I ate at all and had ice cream every day, sometimes twice. Between the sangria, champagne for breakfast, ice cold cervezas at dinner (okay and sometimes lunch) I would have bet the farm that I would have gained a little something but cock-a-doodle-doo I didn't!

Here are just a few pics, because I realize I haven't shared any pictures of me recently. So here I am at 128.5 kilos or around 283 pounds.
I haven't worn a dress since my wedding in 2004, but for some reason I was really attracted to this one. Between the flight, the heat and the alcohol my feet were swollen and looked like potatoes, hence the unattractive, but wearable, shoes.
Me and Sadie (yes I realize big people aren't supposed to wear verticle stripes but ya know, I'm not going to fool anybody into thinking I'm tiny by avoiding them, so here they are)
This is sooooo not a flattering picture at all but it's what I look like so here you go.
Ouch! We had a fun time at the Cactus Garden.
Me and Sadie That lovely sangria that I enjoy oh so well and not nearly as often as I would have liked to!

So there you have it, me, in the flesh. All 283 pounds of it.


Lorry said...

Actually, there was a study done a couple years ago that showed horizontal stripes make you look thinner and vertical stripes make you look fatter. Exactly the opposite of what everyone thinks!

You (and Sadie!) look lovely, and I'm totally jealous of your sangria. ;) Glad you had a great time without gaining!

Teale said...

You look like you had a great time. You look happy, and that's way more important than looking skinny! Got a good laugh outta that cactus picture too:)