Friday, September 08, 2006

Just a quick update...

Sorry I've been a slacker this week w/ posting but it's been a hectic one for me. Hopefully next week I'll get back into my 'groove'.

So I weighed in Tuesday and good news, another 3 pounds gone! YAY!

I am still wearing my old pants as my "skinny" jeans are still not where I want them to be quite yet. They're so so close though. I put my hand in my back pocket of my old jeans while I was walking down the hall at work today and I about slid the whole thing right off my arse! Right in front of the VP's office no less. Wouldn't that have been a show? I guess I need to invest in a belt until those skinny jeans are ready to be worn.

I've been having some rough patches, moments of weakness and just plain old stress this week. If you have any extra karma or good vibes can ya send them my way? Even a prayer or two would be helpful.

Sorry so short and not very witty. I promise better things to come!

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