Thursday, September 14, 2006

Take THAT Mr. Puppy Pants!

Well I finally did it. It's been a long time coming. I've had the little booger almost 2 years now and I finally beat him at his own game...

I out ran my dog.

Granted he has 6 inch long legs and I don't run in a fur coat...but still..I beat the little guy. Now we all know puppies have lots of energy. Scooter is almost 2 so he's still got a lot of puppy play in him. We can walk him for an hour and come home and he will immediately get a ball and want to play catch. He'll play catch until he can't breath anymore, lay down for 10 minutes and be right back at it. We just can never wear him out.

Well I went for a jog last night (I am no longer jalking (combination of jog and walk) (can you put a parenthesis in a parenthesis?) but jogging now) and for the first time ever I made the entire path without stopping to catch my breath or stopping to walk. THAT in itself made me feel pretty good, but then I turned around to jog back from where I came. I honestly felt like I could run forever. My legs felt great, my chest felt great, I had a head full of thoughts to keep myself occupied and not focusing on how long I've been running.

Unfortunately I only made it about 1/3 of the way back around and turned to check on Scooter and he was sitting in the middle of the path about 20 feet behind me, just chillin'.

I called to him "come on buddy, let's go" and he did look at me...only to make sure I saw him as he turned his head the other way and slumped down to his belly. Stubborn ass.

So I jogged back to him and of course as I approached he rolled over to his side and laid his head on the pavement. When I was only a few steps away he made his final dramatic move and rolled from his side to his back, all 4 legs straight up in the air.

"Aw come on Scooter! Let's go!"

Legs in the air.

"Wanna good boy treat?"

Slight movement of the head in my direction, but still in the full dead position.

"There's your friend."

Yet another twitch, but still no variation from the dead puppy in the road position. That's when I knew I did it. Usually when I tell him his friend is coming he jumps up and goes on high alert for an oncoming dog. But this time I only got a flinch. He didn't even want to play with his friend.

I beat him! I out ran that ball of energy. Not only did I outrun him, but I wanted to keep going! I still had energy to burn. Way to go me!!!!!!! Of course Scooter wasn't having any of that. So I conceded. We stood around for a little bit and I rubbed his belly as he caught his breath. Finally when he was ready... we walked home.

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serenity said...

Aw, Sarah - that is AWESOME! Good news!!

You are a total inspiration. Keep it up, girl!