Friday, December 14, 2007

America's Next Top Model had his/her 1st Photoshoot!

For those who don't know why I refer to ANTM (so I don't sound do stinkin pretentious) I'll give you a little background. Wwhile we were dealing with our infertility issues Marco would always tell me after every appointment, every procedure, every failure, every success "you're one step closer to becoming the mommy of America's Next Top Model". I'm a huge fan of the show, haven't missed a season so it was fitting. It's been our running joke to lighten the IF load ever since.

So this morning we had the first photo shoot (ultrasound) with our little pumpkin and it went SO WELL! The baby is measuring 8 weeks 4 days (I thought I was 8w1d) so we're an early over achiever! The heartbeat was strong and beautiful and I am so relieved to have seen him/her. I had had some worrisome spotting this week and it was just great so see that baby is doing just fine. (The bleeding/spotting has since stopped). She did say my cervix looked "irritated' which could be the cause of my bleeding. I don't know what pissed my cervix off, but I hope it stops being so irritated with me soon, it scared the hell out of me!

So we're all a-okay! The baby looked more like a grey blob with a squiggly smaller blob attached and a little pulse but it was the most perfect blob of greyness that I could ever have wished for. WOOHOO!

We're one step closer to becoming the parents of America's Next Top Model! YAY!


Sonya said...

I am soooooo happy for you!!!!!!
Enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, those sonograms are so awesome...even when they arent obvious what the parts are. They are offering me one of those 4D Ultrasounds the week of christmas, so that I can see the baby with hair and all that good stuff, but I dont know if I want to spend the 75 dollars, when im gonna see her in 8 more weeks! That sounds so crazy. Im emailing you some recent pics for Christmas today! Talk to you soon. love you and im so happy for you guys! Love Lissa!