Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas Meatloaf was a hit! As I mentioned in my post below, our Christmas plans were changed a little and at the last minute I ended up having to make dinner for just the two of us, well three if you count the dog but he only ate the meatloaf, he's not a fan of green bean casserole. Dinner wound up being really great. So great in fact that we had a repeat of it last night!

My meatloaf turned out delicious but I still have not mastered how to cook meatloaf for just two people. This thing was the size of Texas and fed us for 2.5 meals (and even then we had larger than life portions). My twiced baked potatoes were delightful. Marco had never had them before and I think it's something he'll be requesting again. It was the perfect mix of potato, sour cream, cheese and spices, topped with crumbled bacon and baked to perfection. It was also the first time Marco had green bean casserole and it was tasty as well. Simple is good sometimes.

Things that didn't shape up so nicely were a bit of a blessing in disguise I think...the desserts. Half of my Lemon Thumbprint cookies were ruined due to a bitter jam I used. There were only about 15 cookies that were left edible out of the whole batch and I'm pretty sure that over the course of the last few days I have been responsible for eating at least 10 of those 15. Bad Sarah, good cookies.

I didn't make the lemon tart after all. It just seemed redundant after the lemon cookies. I did, however, quickly whip up the oreo cheesecake truffles. It was quite a sight and that's not a good thing.

The recipe is simple, crush Oreos, blend with a package of cream cheese, form into balls, dip into melted chocolate and let cool. Simple right? I decided to skip the dipping in chocolate part mostly out of laziness but also due to time constraints. I crushed, mixed and rolled into walnut sized balls, dropped onto a plate and put them in the fridge to chill. After a few hours I took a peek and almost tossed my cookies, quite literally. Crushed chocolate cookies mixed with white cream cheese makes a lovely grey colored lump. The "truffles" looked more like old, dried out, grey, moldy meatballs. Who would even take one of those to try them? I decided maybe it wasn't too late to save the truffles so I melted some chocolate and rolled the lumps of death around in it, coating them thoroughly. I will admit they at least look edible now but after trying just one, they're not really all that good. So now I have an entire plate of them in my fridge and I just need to throw them out but it seems like such a waste of good ingredients. Oreos here are expensive I guess because they're an American product and cream cheese, well it's not expensive but it's just such a waste. Not wanting to "waste" food is no reason to pack on the unneeded calories though so tomorrow I'll toss them.

So food wise I didn't do nearly as badly as I had imagined this holiday season. Next year we hope to spend Christmas in the good ole US of A so I'll have plenty of opportunity to eat fantastic food cooked by somebody other than myself! I'm thinking some Christmas pizza a-la-my dad's fabulous recipes and maybe something on the gwill with Keith and Josher? Leave it to an (ex) food addict to already be planning for Christmas dinner(s) 2008!

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Salsera Gringuita said...

I was laughing about the Christmas 2008 plans already in the works. My brother is a helicopter pilot in the Marines and was in Iraq last year for his birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. He came home on St. Patty's weekend of this year, and about a month before he got home he sent us a 'food itinerary' for the long weekend that we would all get together and celebrate all three occasions at my parents' house. It included who was making what and what drinks he would prefer, the whole works. I still have that thing and take it out every once in a while because it just plain makes me laugh. :)

Hey congrats on spreading the green bean casserole love across the pond. Who knows, maybe you'll be the Dutch version of Rachael Ray soon!

cheers and Happy New Year!