Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vacation takes it's "Toll"

This is our last day of vacation and it's been a wonderful week off together. I don't know how wonderful it's been on my waistline though. We did walk tremendous lengths while in Brugge and actually since we've been back in Amsterdam we've done quite a bit of walking too but I don't know if the exercise has "outweighed" the food intake.

There is just something about vacation that makes you want to be bad, isn't there? If it's not food-on-the-go then it's "I don't feel like cooking" syndrome that gets ya. I've given into both of these scenarios all to often this week, I know. I just keep telling myself, "next week we'll be back to normal and I'll be so much better" and I really do think it will be.

Last night was the great crescendo of thoughtlessness to really finish off our vacation with a BANG! (or it's probably sounding more like a PLOP!). Just three little words is all you need to read to know exactly what I mean.

Nestle. Toll. House.

Yeah, last night I decided to play Suzie Homemaker and baked some chocolate chip cookies (made with Belgium chocolate chips of course). We all know how that goes. You make the dough. You about make yourself sick from eating raw dough but it's just so good. You start to bake the cookies. You have to taste one fresh out of the oven even if it does burn the hell out of your mouth. You try to recreate the visions your remember from the commercials as a child with the warm cookie stretching, oozing out the chocolaty goodness. It takes a couple cookies to get it "just so" but eventually the resemblance in uncanny.

You bake another batch and repeat the burning of the mouth ritual. You really make yourself sick eating them. By time the last batch is in the oven you're praying to the porcelain God that you just make it through the night and you swear you're not going to touch another cookie. The site of the batter bowl makes you dry heave as you clean up the kitchen.

The remaining cookies slide into their cookie container to taunt you the next day. You're weak from the severe drop in blood sugar and decide you'll have just one. You have it for breakfast and that familiar sick feeling comes back to your belly. Now what in the world are you going to do with all these freaking cookies? Nestle Toll House. Great. Idea. Sarah.

So that's the demon I'm facing today. If anything, they'll go in the trash can. I think I can take them to work tomorrow for "Monday Morning Tea" but is it fair to subject my colleagues to the same torture that is Toll House? Sure it is!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah. I've been reading your blog for a few months. You're writing style is very entertaining:) My friend Rebecca ( me into your blog. Anyways, the reason I am writing is b/c I wondered if you could give me some advice for a stop I'm making in Amsterdam on the way to Greece. Can you recommend a hotel and any activities that you would recommend we do since we only have 1.5 days to spend there? Or any restaraunts that are a must? We're planning our trip for May. You can email me back at I'd appreciate it! Hopefully you don't think it's weird that I'm emailing you. A little background on me...I am a 28 year old living near Ann Arbor, MI and we're hoping to have a baby sometime soon ourselves:) Congrats on your great news!

Teale said...

I'm just not able to make cookies at this point, because that batter gets me every time!

GeorgieGirl said...

Hi Sarah! Oh the cookie dough gets me every single time!

Anyeay, thought I'd let you know I'm back home with internet service again.

Meredith said...

Ha... I kid you not, I played out the whole Nestle Toll House scenario two nights ago in my own kitchen. And I've felt gross and guilty ever since!