Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Readers.. I need your help...

Hi everybody! On top of being a new Mom, getting ready to head back to work on Monday (ugh), being a wife and just trying to find time to pee and shower, I'm also trying to get together a writing portfolio. I've never been published so I'm having to pick personal writings including some from this here blog-o-mine. So this is where YOU come in. If you have a favorite post or a post that stuck in your mind or one that you thought was particularly well written please let me know by either leaving a comment or sending me a quick email (given on the right hand side of the screen). If you can't remember the exact post and don't have time to sift through the archives just give me a clue as to what it was about. I know that nothing I've written lately is really up to snuff with anything I'd want to show in a portfolio so you may have to really think hard for this one. Please, I know you are all really busy but take just a few minutes out of your schedule to help a girl out, will ya? Thanks guys!

Oh yeah, the weight loss... it's moving a long... well sort of. I haven't officially weighed in but think that next week when I am back to work will be a great starting point for it all.
And of course, here are some more pictures of the love of my life, my daughter, all 63 centimeters (24.8 inches) of her:
Here's the dive leopard pants and matching shirt that Aunt Liz and Uncle Greg gave her. So cute!

Here is the first smile we were able to catch on camera:Here is a big HORRAY for getting her diaper changed!

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Ellen said...

There's one you wrote at least a year ago about "what not to say to a couple undergoing fertility challenges." That really stuck in my mind! I don't remember if it was particularly "well written", but it had a lot of passion and was thorough, but not rambling.