Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day

Well tomorrow is my first day back to work since being on maternity leave back in July. I'm having mixed emotions about it. I'm glad to be back to work, in contact with other humans and being productive but on the other hand I am sure going to miss Sadie terribly all day long. At least I am only going back 4 days a week for the first year or so.

I'm also going to try and remember to step on the scale first thing in the morning to get a proper "start" weight and know where I stand as far as getting back down to my pre pregnancy weight. I'm sure it's not good as I've tended to eat whatever was around and quick to grab and scarf down while I had time. I think every new mom has probably done that. Taking time for yourself, including eating healthy, sometimes goes by the wayside. What I have to remember is when I started this whole thing I figured out that most time it didn't take any more time to cook and eat healthy than it did to make something unhealthy. No excuses!

Fingers crossed for my first week back to work and back on the weight loss track. Wish me luck!


bekkles said...

I really feely your worry and pain about going back to work.

I went back to 3.5 days a week at the start and i Think that was just right, So I'm sure 4 days will be fine! I'm struggling with crazy hours at the moment and long for a more stable roster, but then I still have beautiful times with my baby and she comes to see me at work sometimes.

Best of luck with the first official weigh in! Its just a starting point so don't worry too much about the number that you see, just remember that you'll start to see it going down very soon!

Good luck!

Jayne said...

Good luck on your re-entry into the working world. Time sure flies. In our province in Canada, women get 1 year of maternity leave.