Thursday, October 23, 2008


Well this week didn't quite go as planned. My alarm clock (a.k.a. Sadie) slept past 7 on Monday so I woke up and had to get ready for work on a frenzie totally not remembering my weigh in. We're still trying to find a "routine" so I didn't remember to step on the scale until this morning and what a great way to start out your day (said with a huge amount of sarcasm... I mean the sarcasm is just dripping off that statement...oooozing if you will). I have 40 pounds to lose before I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 40 pounds! Ugh!

I'm quite disappointed in that number but nothing I can do about it now but face it head on and get cracking! So here I go... again!


Kirsten said...

You know what to do, girl. Just hit it with your best shot and I'm sure, in time the weight will be history!!!

Lissa said...

You can do it, its hard to leave that cute little face to go to the gym. But keep in mind that you are doing it for her too and to set an example for your kids! You'll do awesome! Go back and read your blog, it'll motivate ya! Love you! Lissa

becklette said...

clearly you have the best workout tool of all at home-- i'm sure sadie will LOVE dancing around the house with her mama!

you already know you can do this. you'll be FINE.