Saturday, November 07, 2009

What a week!

I had a fantastic first week at my new job. Of course there was the normal overwhelming stuff, like learning everybody's names, which PA belongs to which person, learning the computer systems... but over all it went rather smoothly. I share an office space with one other woman, Francine, and she's extremely nice and helpful. My "team" is out of the office a lot so I have a ton of time on my own but I don't mind that one bit. Honestly, it was one of the most relaxing weeks I've had in a long long time when it comes to work. I just feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. That could be because I've been wanting out of my last job for over 2 years and have been seriously searching since January of this year but whatever it is, it's nice.

And a great thing about work, kind of a bonus, is lunch! They have a fantastic cafeteria that offers several different options, one being a grandioso salad bar! I had salad for lunch 4 out of the 5 days this week and the other day I had french onion soup and a slice of bread w/ clove cheese (only the Dutch!). It was delicious. Back to this salad bar... They take a big mixing bowl and throw in whatever you want. It's fresh every day and you get a mix of greens, topped with your choice of three veggies (I tend to get corn, tomato, cucumber or bell pepper mix but they have tons of other options like beet root, alfalfa, olives, and whatever else you throw into a salad) then you get your choice of either pasta, chick peas or potatoes to add to it (if you want), then you get your choice of feta, mozarrella or some other cheese that I can't think of, and then you can choose a protein like chicken, tuna, little pepperoni bits, etc. Then of course the dressing. I'm a big fan of the balsamic vinegar. (Well, you all know what a salad bar looks like but it's just unusual to see such a good one here, which is why I'm gushing. LOL) But they put it all together, mix it up and hand you this ginormous plate of yummy salad that costs you 2.50 euros! I grab a diet coke and my whole lunch costs me 3.10. YAY! So if I make the right selections I can be well on my way to eating a fantastically health lunch every day and I'm definately getting in all my veggies now, which was a concern of mine prior.

So there you go. My first week was wonderful and if I keep up at this pace my weight loss life will fall right into place too. Now I just need to fit in some exercise and I'll be all set. I don't dare say it but Sadie's been sleeping a wee bit better (still not all the way through the night though!) and if she keeps up like this I'll be rested enough to be able to stay up last 9 o'clock in the evenings, therefore having time to fit in a workout! Won't that be the shit? Coming from somebody who hasn't had a solid, uninterupted nights sleep in over 15 months, yeah, it's gonna be the shit.


becklette said...

wow. i can't believe you're still alive without a full night's sleep in 15 months. a friend told me the other day she wants to have a baby when she's 31, i was like, ummm, i want to have a baby when i won't resent it becuase i have to get out of bed to take care of it on saturday morning.

but, ANYWAY, it sounds like the perks just keep adding up at this job! i'm so happy for you.

Erin said...

Glad to hear you had a great first week at the new job:) Big bonus on that salad bar, that would rock!