Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Last Day at Work

I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of myself on here forever so I thought this would be the chance since I have some recent ones (you can also see some cute pics on Sadie's blog of our vacation that I was talking about.)
So as you all know I'm starting my new job on Monday. Thursday was my last day at Universal and they threw a little going away party for me, which was really unexpected and thoughtful. So first, here are pictures of people you guys don't know but trust me, they're my colleagues. LOL

And here is me and one of my favorite colleagues, Marvin. He is one of the nicest, most sincere and funny people I know.

And another very good guy Marc, who wrote the most stunning recommendation letter for me. Gotta love that!
And Patrick is also one of the many people I am going to miss seeing every day.

I was given a huge bouquet of flowers that were just gorgeous. The are absolutely beautiful on my table at home and smell great. (Thanks Tilma!)

These are the ladies that I worked closest with the ladies of the legal department, well minus me now. The two on the left are new (the second girl is my replacement, GOOD LUCK Caisha!) They are: Daymin, Caisha, Alexandra (who did Sadie's mural), Noor (who you've "met" via mine and Sadie's blog), giant flowers, me, Georgia (who is generally a hell of a lot happier than she looks in this picture) and Christie. We're just missing Marisa who was I don't know where.

After work the legal eagles had a night out with dinner and a show at Boom Chicago. It's like watching Saturday Night Live only better. It's partially scripted, mostly improved and freaking hilarious. We had a wonderful time and my face hurt from laughing so much. Now THAT'S the way I wanted to leave Universal. Laughing, having a good time and a little bit tipsy!

The food was good too, which was kind of unexpected since places like this tend to not do so well in the kitchen as most people come for the show. It was surprisingly delicious!

So that was it! My last day and now come Monday I'll be starting over, once again, at a new job. I'm really looking forward to it though, in a bitter-sweet sort of way. I'll miss my friends at Universal a lot and not seeing them every day is going to suck but this is just what was best for me. I look forward to the new challenges, meeting the new people and starting something fresh. Wish me luck!

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Catherine said...

Good luck in your new job!