Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Zumba has arrived. It's been sitting on my table this week waiting to be opened and played with. I haven't even touched the box. I've just been too exhausted.

This is always a rough week for me though, as Marco works evenings so I pretty much have the baby all night long (and we all know how well she sleeps!). On top of that she's not been feeling the greatest and is teething. It's been a bit of a nighmare but I swear I'll do the video at least once this weekend. Probably tonight. One you make that first step then the next one is easier, I know this, it's just picking my foot up off of the ground to take it that's so darned difficult.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh and today is Sinterklaas in the Netherlands so happy Sinterklaas day!


Monica said...

Do it! Do it! I want to hear your review, as I've got my mouse hovering over the purchase button because this looks so fun!

Erin said...

Take the first does get easier!! Many a times I have worked out and said, "Gee, I feel great! Can't wait to do this tomorrow!" Tomorrow comes, I work out and then the next day and then...something comes up. And then the scale goes up (or not down at least). Even on the days where I just don't feel like it, I will force myself to workout, kicking and screaming. I'll mumble bad words while I'm putting the dvd in the player and I'll grumble about how much it sucks while I'm actually working out. And afterwards, while I'm mostly glad that I'm done, I'm glad that I did it at all. I keep a calendar where I mark off the days I work out and I hate seeing blank days/weeks.

Just think of why you ordered it and why it was originally a reward. It sounds like fun, and maybe you could use that:)