Saturday, June 19, 2010

I've been trying to find time to update all week long but every time I'd go to log in I'd get distracted by something or another and never quite make it here to post. So now that Sadie thinks 5 AM is a good time to wake up every morning, at the buttcrack of dawn, I have no excuses and no distractions, well unless you count the Teletubbies, but I can ignore their uh-ohhhing long enough to write a post, surely.

There isn't much change from my last post actually. Still no news from the Disorderly Eating Shrinkage people. I'll give them another two weeks before I start harrassing them. I've started, once again, eating healthier at work, choosing the salad bar over the hot food bar. I've noted that the evenings, which didn't used to be a problem at all for me, are now the enemy. Exhaustion from work and being a Mom to a kid who still doesn't sleep well make any sort of function in the evenings... well impossible isn't the right word... but it sure doesn't make it easy, for lack of a better word coming to mind at this time of day without and coffee in my veins, to have energy left to exercise.

I've been on a cake baking and decorating kick (okay it's an obsession) lately and that's actually been a positive thing for me, which seems totally backwards, but hey, it's me, what did you expect? So rather than baking cakes, filling cakes and frosting cakes causing me to eat aforementioned cake, it actually does quite the opposite. All of the planning, mixing, getting-it-so-so, reading up on how-to, watching video's on fondant, all of this cake stuff takes my mind off of food, the usual food that I would be mindlessly grazing on, snacking on and eating for no reason. I am so excited to be creating something, even if it is just a cake, that I don't just sit and snack. Yay!

It's a big lesson shoved right under my nose. Yes, that's a lesson I smell, not cake baking, although the key lime cake I am making for Marco for Father's Day did smell divine. Anyway, that lesson, the lesson that if I have something planned to do then I tend not to eat as much rather than when I have no plans and sit around to "relax". It also shows that when I am eating in the evening it is more out of boredom than hunger. Yeah, well no huge epiphany there but still, you can't help but look at the facts when they're glaring at you.

I just remembered the other day that I have a wii fit fitness coach workout game thingy and I am going to start using that. Hell, since I'm up at 5 AM anyway, it gives me a couple more hours to fit in some sort of exercise right? Well, that's what I'm saying right now, but how I'm feeling at 5 AM certainly isn't anything like exercise, it's more like the exorcist.

I hope you're all having healthy, successful weeks!

oh and I haven't broken up with Dr. Phil, we're just on a break. I am planning on taking him to the Disoerdely Eating Shrinkage people though, if I ever get to go.

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Madame K said...

Sarah- Have you read "Women, Food, and God" yet? I just read it last week.

I'm never dieting again!