Thursday, January 17, 2013

blub blub

I kept my promise to myself and I did get in some exercise over the last weekend. I swam together with Sadie and trust me, that's a workout! My little girl is quite a fish and is twice as slippery once we're in the pool. She's a huge fan of the slide too which means lots of stair climbing. One and a half hours of pool play makes this Mommy wore out for the day!

So far this week, I've kept with the fish theme and swam two more times, Tuesday and Thursday. I really feel like I'm back in my swimming rhythm and am not having too much difficulty getting my tush out of bed and into my swim gear, which includes a lovely blue swim cap, goggles and snorkel. Yes, I said snorkel! Don't worry though, I make a snorkel look cool, I'm sure.

I guess most of my weight and struggle now lies with being patient and letting the work I'm doing have time to, well, work! I don't feel that old panic of "I have to lose weight NOW" but I am feeling a bit impatient. I am trying to keep a balanced mind and not rush myself or expect too much. There is always that nagging feeling of "well, if you skipped this food and worked out even more and even harder..." but that's what old-pre-Novarum-pre-getting-it-together-Sarah would say. I am not skipping meals or snacks anymore. I am not cutting out food groups anymore. I am not doing anything extreme anymore. I never want to be back in those awful toe pinching shoes again. I don't ever want to be back in that pattern of manic weight loss, followed by guilt laden binges and weight gain, followed by another manic fleeting attempt. Rinse lather repeat. That ship has sailed. Bon Voyage!

I will admit though, I could put some more effort into exercising. I know lifting weights is extremely beneficial to weight loss and over all health and I do plan on starting to lift once the gym at my work is open but until then, as that could be as late as April, I could easily put in my Wii Fitness Coach and do a session of strength training with her. (typed in my whinniest voice possible) But once I get home from work, play with Sadie, get her in bed and eat dinner I just don't feel like doing anything else.  I am sure it's one of those things, like swimming, that once I build it into my routine it will be much easier to stick with but just making that step to do it the first couple of times seems gigantic right now. I'll work on that. That's a promise.

What goals have you promised to yourself that you would take a stab at but are dragging your feet at getting started?

I hope you are all having healthy, successful weeks!


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Gwen said...

Hi! New follower here! Actually, I'm learning to get rid of the 'goals' mindset (as I get more 'zen' in my life.) I even posted about that a week or so ago. But I do want to get a kettleball, and start doing push-ups. If those two work, then, coupled with my dancing, I can continue my lifelong revolt against public gyms. LOL