Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Moving to Plan B (or at least forming one!)

Craptastic! Today is my regular weigh in day and that's exactly how I felt when I hopped on and off the scale 7 times. Craptastic. After last weeks 6.6 pound loss I was really looking forward to seeing another loss (or at least stayed the same) but that didn't happen. For the first time in my journey, and hopefully the last, I gained during the week.

And no I'm not going to follow that sentence up with some all inspiring, cliché filled, deep thought about how I 'gained' things like perspective or gaining friendship or gaining self confidence or even gaining control. I just plain old vanilla, simple as can be, gained weight. Granted it was only 0.5 kilos or a little under 1 pound, it's one pound more than I would have liked to gain.

As I posted earlier this week its been raining like cats and dogs here. It seemed like every time I tried to go for a bike ride or for a jalk it would start pouring. It's a crappy reason to gain a pound, but it's one of the things that contributed for sure.

Marco, my cheerleader, my love, explained to me as I cried (yes, I cried over one pound) into his chest that, had I taken a healthy 'visit to the restroom' before weighing in then that could have made all the difference in the world. Thanks for that sweetheart...Mr. Romance. You were very quick on your feet. I love ya!

Other contributing factors could be that I am retaining water like a camel. Hey, it happens. It could be that gravity was extra strong this morning therefore making me weigh more. It could be that Scooter snuck up behind me and put one of his little paws on the scale, tipping it the wrong direction. Yes, any of these things could have played a part in my gain but I'm not going to sit here and over annalyze things.

It happened. I gained. I believe it's from lack of a back up plan for wet weather and being stuck indoors but who knows. What I do know is that using the weather for an excuse to not do my cardio isn't going to get me that treadmill any quicker. I have 5 lousy kilos (11 pounds) to go before I have a permanant solution to this problem, but until then I need a Plan B. 'B' is for Brainstorm!!!!

I do live in an apartment with 6 flights of stairs indoors. I could run up and down those for a while.

As one friend suggested, I could skip rope (or pretend to skip rope since the ceilings are a little low).

I could get an exercise video to play and workout to in my living room. Heck, just moving the furniture around to have enough room is a workout!

I could jog in circles from one room to the next since the house does make one full circle. I may get dizzy, as it's a small house but we'll see.

So there ya go. I have a plan B. See, all I needed was a little Brainstorm.

If you have any other indoor activities that I could do for cardio in a small apartment, feel free to Brainstorm along with me and post your ideas as a comment. I'm always open for suggestions!


Sara said...

Hang in there. Gaining is going to happen from time to time. Also - retaining water is a GOOD thing. It helps your metabolism.

If you want a workout buddy, I'm always looking for someone to get out with!


jaavaajunkie said...

Hi, Sarah. You left a comment on my blog awhile back, and I thought I would stop by your's to see how your weightloss journey is going.

I am sorry to hear about the gain this week. Your hubby is right about the bathroom thing. ;)

I think your brainstorming session was right on. You have a good list of indoor activities to do when it's crappy outside. Something I like to do when it's gloomy outside is crank the music up and dance around the house. (Think Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" only with all my clothes on. LOL)

Don't beat yourself up over this miniscule gain. While it may not feel like it right now, this is a minor little bump in the road on your journey to a healthier, thinner you. Just keep your eyes on the prize and keep working hard and you will get there before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on your blog from the Nest. I'm really rooting for you - congrats on your journey. You asked about home workout equipment: I have a game (seriously) called Yourself Fitness. Basically, it's an adaptive program that incorporates cardio, upper body, lower body, flexibility and core into daily workouts. No two workouts are ever the same. Anyway, I've been doing it for almost two years (more than 300 workouts) and I love it. You can get the program for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. You can find it on Amazon or go to the Yourself Fitness web site and watch a sample video.

Also, I think you should consider measuring yourself with a tape measure in addition to weighing yourself. If you're getting more exercise than usual then you'll start building muscle and may gain weight even as you're getting smaller.

Rock on!