Saturday, August 12, 2006

Stuck in the middle...

That’s where I am in my weightloss right now. Stuck right smack dab in the middle. Now I’m not talking about the numbers. I am not stuck there yet, the weight keeps coming off. It’s my body that’s stickin me, like a sneaker stuck in a big wad of pink bubble gum on the hot pavement. The sneaker still works, it just not as smooth of a stride.

I went to a movie premiere for the first time today. Saw Miami Vice. I was looking forward to it, all the cameras, maybe some famous people, seeing a cool TV series from my childhood on the big screen. The invitation said dress like they did during the original Miami Vice days, so typical 80’s. Well I didn’t like the 80’s fashion during the 80’s so now that it’s making it’s comeback, I STILL don’t like it. I did manage to throw on some pastel lipgloss and purple eyeshadow. I scrunched my hair into ringlets of curls and tried to make it as big as possible. Miami Vice wasn’t about the women anyway, it was all about Don Johnson and his T-shirts, sports jackets, linen pants and boat shoes.

So in getting ready to go to the premeire I put on my clothes. I am only down about 15 pounds as of my last weigh-in so dressing shouldn’t be that big of deal right? Wrong!

It’s really too bad you can’t choose where you lose the weight. I’d go directly to the mid region (read: belly and booty) and make myself lose it there first. But that’s not an option, ya lose a little there, a little there... all over.

Apparently I have lost a little here, a little there and a whole lot in my legs and thighs. My jeans fit fine around the waist and in my booty but looked baggy in the thighs and legs. We’re talking Marky Mark baggy.

Now I think wearing clothes that are too big is equally as bad as people who wear clothes that are two sizes too small. I always hate unthin women who think wearing an oversized shirt or pants makes them look thinner or actually HIDES their body. The truth is, you look just as big but now you look big AND frumpy. Nobody likes frumpy. Frumpy is the dwarf that didn’t make the cut in the fairytales. I mean Cinderella can put up with Sleepy, Grumpy and Sneezy but no princess or ANY woman would put up with Frumpy.

I didn’t even notice the frumpiness until I was already out of the house and running into Burger King for an emergency potty break and looked at myself in the mirror in the restroom. I have this habit of not looking at myself in the full length mirror before leaving the house and this isnt the first time it’s come back to bite me in the rear.

So anyway, I went to the movie, frumpiness and all. I did snag an interview with one news crews. I was surprised, as they usually only want to talk to the Dutch speakers but even after saying “sorry my Dutch is crap” they still asked me questions. I’ll never know if it actually aired though, neither me nor Marco were wise enough to catch what station the crew was from. (And to be TOTALLY honest, I rarely watch the Dutch news).

Coming home I decided, what the heck, I may as well try on my ‘skinny jeans’ since these ones look like a garbage bag. Now keep in mind my ‘skinny jeans’ are still plus sized to everybody else. Where as I would have lept for joy if I slid my leg into these jeans and they went up over my hips, most non-food-challenged people would probably sleep into a deep depression if my skinny jeans fit them. I call these my ‘skinny’ jeans because they’re a size smaller than the jeans I was in and I’ve had them forever. When I wear them I just feel hot. It may sound silly but every time I put these jeans on I just feel sexy, confidant and... well... HOT. No other way to describe it I guess.

So I went into the living room, pulled them out of the cupboard and tried them on. Up over the knees, up over the hips, a little tug and .... VOILA! They were zipped. I am in my skinny jeans!!!!!!!!!

Well I guess I shouldn’t proclaim that quite yet. Yes, I got them on, but no they weren’t comfy. Again the legs and hips were perfect. It was my belly and booty that were feeling a bit pinched. So I slid them off and put them back in the cupboard for another week or so when I’ll finally be brave enough to try those suckers on again. I did try on some more forgiving cotton pants and they actually do fit. They have more ‘give’ then denim so my wardrobe is expanding!

So even though I can’t pick exactly where the weight comes off at, it is coming off and I am noticing in my clothing finally. I’ll be glad when I am no longer stuck in the middle but moving on down the road to those smaller sizes.

Stuck in the middle, that's the only way I can describe it, but unlike the sneaker, I'll continue to march in stride.

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