Monday, January 01, 2007

Taking down the tree the Dutch way

Just wanted to share some pictures of us putting the tree out after Christmas. Maybe it is done this way in parts of the US as well, but not in my neighborhood.

Here is photo number one of the naked tree. (not meant for children under the age of 18. Parental discression is advised)

Step 2 of the process. This is Marco holding the tree. What's that you say???? Yes, he is holding it awfully close to the open window.

And the final step. That's our tree, chucked out the window, laying sadly in the yard.

No, we're not just the neighbors from hell, this is actually how they get rid of their trees. If you're nice, like we are, you then go down and drg your tree to a nearby garbage bin for pickup but if you chose to let it lay there that's no problem either. The garbage men will eventually make they way round to your neck of the woods to pick the poor pathetic tree up and put it out of its misery.
So if you're ever in the 'hood this time of year and see people tossing trees out their window there is no need to call the police. It's just another Dutch tradition!

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Kimberly said...

No, he doesn't work at Universal, he just loves it and we're about 2 hours from Universal Orlando. And it stresses me out to go, primarily because of my weight.

Anyway, I hadn't been at the computer for a couple of days because I went to my moms house and then I get home to: "Those things you list are NOT "healthy snacks", even if you eat them one at a time! Please take some time to learn about nutrition, and stop shopping at Walmart." Granted it wasn't that rude or that big a deal, but it annoyed me. Jeez, I REALLY REALLY THOUGHT that cheezits or popcorn or whatever I had written about was HEALTHY! Who needs fruit and vegetables??? LOL - you know? I'm not an idiot, but I suppose when I write I use what makes sense in my head, and to me something that is weight loss friendly is "healthy", if not "health food". But please don't come to my blog and spank me about semantics.

Thank you so much for your post to me. You have seemed so in control and upbeat and together in all of your posts and it is just amazing to me. Even some of the early ones when you were struggling a bit you always had a plan. I tend to vent in my blog more than anything. I am trying though. I was doing such a good job reading Dr. Phil, but then I got distracted by a fun book "The Boleyn Inheritance" by Philipa Gregory, I am going to go finish that so that I can get back to the doctor;)

Some of the exercises in the 1st few chapters I decided to do in my head, I think I need to go back and actually write them may help me really use them when I need them.

Anyway, thank you for your support, it's great that you feel like you recognize yourself in me - it gives me hope that in a few months I can be like you:D!