Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Years Everybody!!!!!

Happy New Years everybody and welcome 2007!

We didn't have major plans last night, as usual. We went out for a nice dinner at our favorite restaurant and then headed back home. We broke open a bottle of champagne at about 10:30, each had a glass and then dumped the rest of it down the drain. Oh how I used to love champagne! Used to being key here.

We then flipped through the channels on the tv about 8 million times before deciding there was nothing on. I thought I'd watch some videos on but didn't find it nearly as interesting as I had hoped.

At 10 minutes until midnight we decided to play keep away from the dog, one of his favorite games. We played until 4 minutes until 12. I had just enough time to brush my teeth and take out my contacts before the big moment. At 2 minutes until midnight Marco turned the TV back on to a countdown channel and hoped that it'd hurry up so we could go to bed.

At the stroke of 12 we wished each other a Happy New Year, did some kissin and watched a the entire neighborhood as it exploded into fireworks. It's one of my most favorite things about the holiday here. Everybody buys enormous amounts of fireworks (the kinds that are illegal in Illinois and only professionals are allowed to have) and so you have beautiful displays of huge bombs coming at you from all directions. Even in the rain the neighbors were troopers and let off their light displays.

I decided to call my sister to wish her a Happy New Years, even though it was far from it in Illinois. My nieces thought it was so cool that where I lived it was now January 2007 and where they were it was still December 2006. I got to hear my 1 year old niece, Mia, say 'Sarah' for the first time (although it was more like sawuh).

After hanging up with them Marco called his parents then I called mine. My dad was having an exciting bowl of Corn Flakes and my mom was thinking about taking a nap. My family, a bunch of party animals.

We were in bed by 12:30, which outlasted out 80-something year old neighbors who told us this morning they went to bed about 12:15.

I don't make New Years Resolutions... why should I set myself up for failure so early in the year? But I am looking forward to quite a number of things in 2007.

We'll be making a trip home in March, 88 days away actually. We'll be attending my brother's wedding in April. It will be the first time that all of my parent's kids (including sons-in law and grandkids) are in the same state (and country) for over 3 years, so we're really looking forward to the little reunion.

We're looking forward to the possibility of adding to our family in 2007. As some of you know, any many of you don't, we have been struggling through infertility for the past year or so. We're hoping to have some good news in the beginning of 2007 and maybe by mid-year we could possibly be on our way to become parents like we've always wanted. I haven't talked about this much with many people (and never on this blog) but I've decided to be more open with our struggle. It's nothing we're ashamed of, it's nothing we could have prevented or foreseen, but it is something we're struggling with. We're looking forward to some good news this year after last years constant crushing blows.

We're looking forward to moving to a bigger house in June-ish. We're looking forward to planning a vacation a little closer to home at the end of 2007, maybe somewhere warm, with a beach.

But most of all I am looking forward to meeting my goal weight in 2007! It will be the 'lightest' I've been since as far as I can remember and definitely since high school.

I expect life will throw me some curveballs this year, it always does, so I'm looking forward to having everything all planned out to only have it turned upside down on me!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and a sucessful 2007 in all you hope to do!


Kimberly said...

Happy New Year! Congratulations for all that you have accomplished this year and for even more accomplishments in the next. And good luck!

BTW - thanks for your post to me the other day. I read the 1st three of Dr. Phils keys yesterday and plan to finish the book today or tomorrow. I think I am liking it and I think it is making since. Thanks again!

Amy said...

Happy New Year Sarah! May this New Year continue to bring you strength and fortitude to reach you goals. You continue to be an inspiration...your stories and anecdotes really hit close to home for me. You're really the kind of person I wish I knew in "real life"! Best wishes!