Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007 (& good riddance) WELCOME 2008!

I don't think I've ever been so glad to see a new year begin as I was last night. Don't get me wrong, we had some really great things happen for us in 2007 but the year started out with less than a "bang". Okay so I lost 70+ pounds (but didn't quite meet my weight loss goal). We got to see my little brother finally tie the knot with his girlfriend of 7.5 years (yay, we love you Jill!) in April and had a fabulous vacation with my family and friends. We moved into our new house (but much later than we had hoped to). We finally learned that we will be parents (but after many disappointing, emotionally trying, gut wrenching appointments, procedures, failed tests, crying bouts and 2.5 years). 2007 decided to shape up a little towards the end but it was a case of "too little too late" for me.

I'm not sorry to see 2007 go. In a last ditch attempt to let the year redeem itself I decided to get my haircut to start the year off fresh. Apparently I mixed my appointment with the hairdresser with the appointment at the butchers because that's exactly what I got...butchered. Okay so I'm not bald but with a quick dye job I could be cast in the leading role in Little Orphan Annie. What part of "my hair curls when it's shorter so leave it longer than you think" is incomprehensible? How does hair that was supposed to sit right on my shoulders barely graze my chin? Why would she whack my front pieces so short that I can't even tuck them behind me ears when I clearly discussed how thrilled I was that they FINALLY grew out past my chin level? That appointment was like 2007 flipping me the bird just one last time. I guess "the sun'll come out... tomorrow!"

I could go through and list the line of crap we trudged through and survived in 2007 but the quicker I put that stuff behind me the better off I think I'll be. So now let's see what I am looking forward to in 2008.

First and foremost I am looking forward to meeting our little pumpkin in July. Baby Aarssen's arrival is much awaited, much anticipated and totally overdue! The child already has a bigger wardrobe than I do thanks to it's doting grandparents here and across the pond. Sometimes I still can't believe it that I'm going to finally get to be a mommy and it will totally be the highlight of 2008 for us.

Along with my first point of happiness in 2008 comes along my second. My mom is going to come visit us after the baby is born! My dad doesn't plan on coming but maybe with some convincing he will change his mind in the meantime I'll be happy that my mom will be here. It will be her first trip to Europe (actually her first trip out of the US). She will be the first one in my family to come see me since I've been in Europe. Only my friends Keith and Josh have managed to make it over here (twice actually, thanks guys) in the past 4 years and I'll just be thrilled to have her here.

We're planning on making a trip home to the US in December of next year. It will be the first Christmas I have spent at "home" in the last 4 years and I will be thrilled to share it with my family and friends. It will be Marco's first time experiencing an American Christmas and New Years, which differs from the Dutch versions greatly and I hope it'll be a good one.

We're looking forward to finishing the new house in 2008. We still have quite a bit we want to do to it such as hang things on the walls, get curtains (we just have blinds now), add furniture, decorate the nursery and just finish little bits and pieces.

I'm going to (hopefully) start volunteering for the 1st English radio station's morning show English Breakfast here as a guest dj once or twice a week in the mornings. This is still a big "if" but I really hope it works out. It's something I've always wanted to do and the opportunity just presented itself like it was meant to be.

And finally, I hope to maintain my weight loss as much as possible throughout this pregnancy and come August/September I hope to be back on the bandwagon of losing weight again. I still don't know if I'll meet my goal of losing 100 pounds by years end but I'm going to try like crazy. If I can get through this pregnancy without gaining too much, which should be doable, then I think it can be done, although it will take a ton of hard work and dedication as it doesn't give me too much time after pumpkin is born to drop the last 30+ pounds. We'll see though.

I wish you all a wonderful, happy and healthy 2008!


Anonymous said...

Where is a picture of the new haircute. We're all waiting.

Chubby Chick said...

Happy New Year! Sounds like 2008 is going to be great! :)

Lauren said...

wow, 2007 was wild huh? 2008 is going to be great

GeorgieGirl said...

Sarah, Happy New Year!