Friday, August 22, 2008

better news today

Well we took her to the doctor again today and since her eating wasnt much inproved he sent us to the peditrician at the hospital. He mentioned that they may want to keep her in the hospital for a couple nights so they can closely observe her which naturally freaked us out.

So we went to the hospital and met the pedi. She was nice. She went over what we'd been doing with her, how much she'd been eating, how she was acting when she was screaming, etc. We had logged everything she had done for the past 4 days so we had references. She agreed that she was eating too little but once I explained how once Sadie started farting etc the eating went better she saw in the book how her eating improved.

She consulted with the head of the department who then came in to talk to us. In the meantime they weighed and measured her and she was 56 cm (22.04 inches) long (but was wiggling like crazy so may not be exactly accurate) and had gained 80 grams (2.8 ounces) in 2 days so that was really positive.

The head of the department came in and said they were teetering on what to do. Yes, it could be that she has an intestinal problem especially with all of the screaming but it could also just be that she is at the lower end of the spectrum for gaining and since it's such a large sliding scale of what is "supposed" to happen that it could just be nothing but that still doesn't explain the screaming from intestine pain. They think she is too young to be displaying signs of an allergy to dairy but said if things continue this way until next week I should try the whole elimination of dairy from my diet to see if that's what's upsetting her tummy. They decided not to keep her for observation but to monitor her closely, meaning we have a phone consultation on Monday and they want to see her and weigh her again on Wednesday. Should anything go terribly wrong in the meantime we could of course call.

While we were there Sadie was hungry so of course we fed her and naturally, when you want the child to show the doctor how she howls after 30 mls of drinking she behaves like you are a crazy parent who likes to make shit up for attention. She was an absolute angel and didn't make a peep. But in her defense, after tooting a lot yesterday afternoon she was very calm all eveing and even through the night so it wasn't a big surprise she was calm with the doctor. She's like a whole different baby today. It may be the drops we've been giving her with each feeding or maybe she's just passed enough gas that the pain is no longer there or significant. Let's hope so.

So that's that. We're just going to see how it goes and hope for the best. I really feel beter that they are taking our concerns seriously as I feared (just a little) they would blow us off thinking we were just overly cautious new parents, which of course would then piss me off beyond belief and I would have had to have gone ape shit on them. HAHA

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Cath said...

I'm really glad she is doing a bit better - hope it stays that way.