Monday, August 25, 2008

update on breastfeeding issues.

Saturday was spent with Sadie howling in pain for over 7 hours total. It would start during the feedings, 30 ml (1 oz) into it and just continue until she passed out from exhaustion. This has been going on for weeks now and I was really frazzled. When Marco got home from work and she screamed for another 3 hours we knew we had to do something or else have a nervous breakdown. We decided it was time to switch to hypoallergenic formula and see if it helped. So Saturday nigth we began. We realized it may take up to 2 weeks for her little tummy and intestines to heal and see a big difference.

By Sunday afternoon she was an entirely new baby. She didn't scream through one single feeding and still hasn't. She's eaten more today by 9a.m. than she has in the past week by 3 or 4 in the afternoon. She's seriously sucking this stuff down like we've never fed her before.

It's such a relief to not have her be in pain anymore. Yes, I wanted to breastfeed (which I wasn't anyway because she wouldn't latch but still feeding breast milk) but what I want more is a happy, healthy baby who is gaining weight and eating and now, that's what I have. Granted this 1.5 day span of no screaming could be a fluke that just happens to coincide with us switching her to formula but I am crossin my fingers that it's not.

I am still pumping and plan on pumping until we've tried this formula for 1 to 2 weeks and are sure this is the "cure". I am freezing all of my milk and plan on donating it should we not need it in the end.

And here is a picture of our happy camper from yesterday.


Monica said...

Yes! So glad you found something that *fingers crossed* agrees with her tummy. You have such a great outlook on this. I'm sure not being able to bf is very disappointing, but like you said, a happy, painfree baby is soooo much more important.

~Jess said...

I'm hoping for the sake of miss sadie, that this is the solution. Sorry the breast feeding isn't working *hugs*

Erin said...

Yay! I'm so sorry that breastfeeding wasn't working, but what a relief to find something that is! I hope this is the fix for you guys:)

Cath said...

It certainly looks like she hasn't come to any harm - again, what a cutie! I really hope this is the cure.
Good luck!

GeorgieGirl said...

Oh she's so cute! I'm sorry you couldn't BF as you had hoped, but I'm here to tell ya, my 2nd child couldn't BF and he's just as healthy and well adjusted as the rest of the bunch.

I really hope she's doing well with the formula you have her on.

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

I know it is frustrating but you have the right attitude! The happier the baby the happier mom and dad. Sometimes it just doenst work please dont beat yourself up over it.

You are providing for your child the best that you can. Hugs!

serenity said...

Wow - SO HAPPY you found something that worked. And fingers crossed this is the solution.

*hug* You've done really well, and have a great attitude about it.