Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Days and one bad one...

Let's sart with the bad one... it was Sadies follow up appointment on Wednesday... So I don't have to type it all over I'll just copy and paste the heated email I sent to my Mom and sister to tell her how the appointment went:

"Well it didn't go very well. She didn't gain enough, only 40 grams and she should have gained 150-ish to be on the safe side. We have to go back next week. The doctor (who I liked) had to consult with another another doctor and he came in to talk to us and I pretty much hated him. He was a complete ass and tried making me feel like I didn't know my baby at all. Kept saying how she is just crying, when in fact, no, she wasn't just crying, she was screaming. I know the difference (and so did the first doctor). He also said it was probably a coincidence that the crying (no, not crying, screaming ,dickhead) stopped at the same time that we switched her to formula because only 2% of babies actually have a dairy allergy. Well to me that's a really huge coincidence that as soon as I swicthed her off of my milk she hasn't had one single fit since. Not one!

Then he critisized how often we're feeding her (when she wakes up crying and is rooting for the bottle and won't be consoled any other way) because we should only be feeding her every 3 hours so then she is hungry enough to eat 100 ml. Okay, then what am I supposed to do the 1/2 hour to an hour before the 3 hour time limit is up while she is screaming her head off. You know what he asked me? How do you know she's hungry? Well, fucko, how does any other mother know their baby is hungry? He said, well babies can't tell you what they're crying for so she could be crying for anything not necessarily hunger. Okay, so now I don't even know enough to know when to feed my baby! Apparently 3 hours is a magic fucking number that works for all babies and you shouldn't deviate from that "schedule" because it doesn't make her numbers add up at the end of the day.

You know, I'm all for wanting her to gain weight and be healthy but don't fucking feed me a bunch of bullshit reasons why she's not gaining just because YOU don't know why she isn't gaining. And don't try to make me second guess my mother instincts when you've done nothing but look at her chart for 3 minutes, dickhead."

Yes, I was sightly livid after the appointment. As if you don't second guess everything the way it is when you're a new mom (and dad) like you really need some doctor asking you things like "how do you KNOW it's hunger". Well how do you KNOW it's not? Thank God I can openly vent to my Mom and sister... well and just about anybody else who will listen. Since writing this email on Wednesday we've continued to feed her on demand, regardless of what Dr. Asshat suggested. Yesterday she drank 665 ml's so over 3 oz more than our "target" of 600! We were thrilled. She's also well on her way to drinking over 600 again today.

The only problems we're really having now is with cramps and pooping. She'll scream in pain for about an hour every evening and you can feel her pushing and pushing her legs against my hans. Then an hour later she'll poop a load after a lot of grunting. This, I realize, is normal for a baby this young as their bodies are just learning how to function but I'm still going to ask if there is anything else we can do (besides belly massage, warm baths, bicycling her legs, gas drops etc.) to help her out some.

Otherwise the days have been glorious since switching her to formula! She is such a happier, content baby now. She's staying awake a lot longer in the days and her eyes are focusing more. We're playing daily on her playmat and singing lots of songs. She loves the bath, dislikes getting dressed and sleeps like a champ. She loves to go out in her stroller and walk around the neighborhood. She lays there wide eyed, taking in all of the sounds around her. She's not a huge fan of the carseat but once we're in the car she does pretty good. Like Mommy, she loves to shop! Well okay, I may be making that part up but we've done a lot of shopping! I'm working on drying up my milk supply and that's going pretty okay too.
Ahhh the baby is stirring so I must cut it short!

Here's some more pictures to tide you over until next time!
In the carseat that she's not too fond of:

Sportting her new mittens to keep her hands warm and keep her from scratching her little face. Look close you can see my porn star cleavage! Hubba Hubba! LOL


Kirsten said...

Way to go! It's so good to hear a mother listening to her own instincts...I recently read about what babies cries mean, based on the vowel which they make...check it out on the web, because, really she might not just be crying for food. You're a fab mom!

Erin said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a jerk of an insensitive doctor:( I would've asked him "How do you know you're so right all the time?". You know your baby and honestly, I think that 3 hour stuff is BS as well. Every baby is different and unless that doctor is a fly on your wall, he knows very, very little about your baby and how you guys are feeling. It's so great that she seems to be doing better. I really hope that keeps up and you really get to enjoy all the fun stuff she has to offer:)

~Jess said...

Where does he get off being the end-all, be-all of baby care?!

I'm glad she's doing better. Don't doubt yourself: You know your baby better than some dr.

Anonymous said...

Don't you live in an aparment? Have the neighbors said anything about the screaming?

The Lassie said...

What a jerk! This 3 hour stuff is so last season, really! Anyway: She's sooo cute! We have the exact same carseat, btw. I just love it and my little girl is fine in it only when we're in a moving car, too ;)

Janine said...

That doctor should not be allowed to deal with new mothers and babies, he is enough to send a mom into depression. You are doing an excellent job! A little tip: to help dry up your milk faster eat sage. Otherwise go to this website for a list of other herbs that help decrease milk supply:

Weighing in w/ my .02 said...

Yes, we live in an apartment and no the neighbors don't complain. They can't hear her. I can't hear her when I am outside in the hall until I open the door. And even if they did complain what could I do other than what I'm already doing? Thanks for your concern.

bekkles said...


WE have very similar stories,
My baby girl Lucy was 4kg at birth and struggled a lot to put on weight! She is ABSOLUTELY fine, SHe is now 8 months and only just cracked 7kg. I have worried and tried all sorts of different things but finally went to see a paediatrician and he said the size they are born is a reflection of the in utero environment (obviously we make good ovens) and then they find their own size after, so our girls may be meant to be a little petite.

Do what you feel is right and as long as Sadie is sleeping, weeing, pooing, cooing, etc you're doing the right thing!

In the past 8 months I've quite often been struck by the irony that I am busting my butt trying to lose weight and so stressed about my girl not gaining weight! Isn't life a funny thing.

CONGRATULATIONS on your gorgeous baby,
YOu know what you're doing!

Ellen said...

That scheduled feeding stuff is such bullshit, I can't believe doctors are still promoting that!!! ARGH!! You are completely justified in totally pissed at that guy. In my head I had wished you had said that stuff to him out loud :) Gave him a little "patient feedback", if you know what I mean!

Also, not sure if someone else has already commented about this, but if "only 2%" of babies actually have a milk allergy, then that means that one in fifty babies has a damned milk allergy, and that could very well be the baby that is in his examining room right now!!! WTF is wrong with him?! I've forgotten most of my Statistics 1A class, but I still know what the hell 2% means!

Sorry for the profanity, but I am just livid for you...Also, you are awesome.