Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun with Mom!

I had an excellant birthday! Thank you all for your wellwishes. Besides spending time with my family we had dinner at my favorite restaurant The Taco Shop (on Tollstraat 100 in Oud Zuid in Amsterdam for those Holland readers). It's honestly the best Tex-mex I've ever eaten in the US or in Holland. It's just fabulous! The place is the size of an American walk in closet but the food that comes out of it is absolutely fantastic. Here is a picture of my Mom and the owner, Logan (in the window) and another guy I don't know (in the far back).

The Taco Shop is decorated with licese plates from the US and just a mix match of other signs, posters, etc. ARAHSA 5 is my old Illinois plates. All of the "Sarah" plates were taken so being oh-so-creative I thought I'd put my name in Pig Latin and 5 is my favorite number. Pretty brilliant huh?
We went to Zaanse Schaans where you can go up in the windmills, see cheese being made, watch wooden shoes be carved, shop in all the little shops, eat Dutch pancakes and just be tourists. It's like a little city. It's one of my favorite places to visit and we had a blast.

I also wanted to show my Mom my office so she could see where I worked and meet my colleagues. Of course we took some fun pictures while we were there.

Oh Mr. Bean!

You can really see the love here.

The other pictures are on my Mom's camera but they only got better than these two! Hopefully I'll be able to share sometime soon!

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Lissa said...

I love all the pictures, but I love her shirt the most!