Thursday, September 11, 2008

Having a great time!

My Mom is here and we're having a great time. She did sleep 17 hours the first night here from being so exhausted from traveling but now she's refreshed and ready to go! We're taking it easy and just doing a little something every day. Yesterday we went to our favorite park in the early afternoon and just walked around with the dog and she got to see her first windmill close up and personal. Of course we forgot the camera at home so we're going to have to go back! We shared some Belgian beers over dinner last night and plan on going to my friend Alexandra's house over the weekend.

She's totally in love with Sadie (as expected) and I'm pretty sure Sadie's loving having Grandma hold her all day long.

What's funny is that I guess I've been here so long that I forget some of the things that are unusual for her, like huge extended busses, trams, the World Trade Center, fishmarkets, open markets, windmills, all the bikers, mini cars etc. so when we're riding around I forget to point things out to her. I'm going to have to make a better effort to look at the city like I'm here for the first time!

I'll share some pictures as soon as we remember to take them!

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