Thursday, September 04, 2008

Remember Dr. Asshat from last weeks appointment?

How could you forget him right? (well I know I couldn't forget him) He was the one who tried making me second guess my mothering instincts, put Sadie on a feeding schedule and was just an all around asshat. We had our follow up appointment with him today and it was like he was a whole different doctor. He was totally supportive of our switching Sadies formula to the most gentlest formula. He actually TOLD me to continue to listen to my mothering instincts as it was "obviously" working for us... really, "obviously?" because last week it was quite apparent that you felt my instincts were questionable in the least. He seriously did a complete 180 on us, which is fine but just a bit odd. He no longer thinks Sadie has colic (really, no shit? because that's what I was saying last week. I guess I don't have a PHD though). This week the family left with smiles on their faces, last week I was in tears... well whatever.

So the good news is she has gained her required 150 grams! Her cheeks are chubbier. Her little thighs are chubbier. Her little belly is chubbier. I'm just thrilled! We don't have to go back for another 3 weeks! We've started her on the new formula last night (its the gentlest they make, you have to buy is special at the pharmacy and it's expensive as hell, but our insurance may cover it) as she is still having plenty of gas cramps that leave her screaming and clawing in pain so hopefully this will resolve itself in the next few days. She's fighting sleep this week for some reason, maybe it's a growth spurt but whatever it is, it's keeping her awake all but about 3-4 hours every day.

So that's the update! Grandma Kelly is going to be here in just 6 days and we are so excited!!! Now that I'm not pumping anymore (my milk is just about dried up, that didn't take long) I realize I don't update as often but I'll try to do better and keep you all posted. My post patrum bleeding is also almost finished so I'll be back on the weight loss wagon before you know it! Now that I don't have breastfeeding to help me I'm going to have to work even harder but hey, I know all about hard work to lose weight!

Hope you all are having great weeks!


LORI said...

I'm so glad that little Sadie is doing better and that everyone is happy!!

Perhaps Dr. Asshat reads your blog and realized what an Asshat he was being. That would be creepy.

Kirsten said...

Have a wonderful time with your mum! Make it last..

Ellen said...

Maybe we should call him Dr. Jekyll, instead? Dr. Jekyll Asshat, MD. Cause I think Jekyll would be a great first name ;)

Sounds like things are greatly improving!!

Erin said...

That's so great to hear!! Sadie's getting chubby (like babies should be) and Dr. Asshat does a turn around. Didn't you just bite your tongue hard to prevent saying what you were thinking?;)

I really hope your insurance covers the formula...our didn't:( Our son had painful gas and acid reflux. He needed the most expensive stuff and the biggest can they make of it is the same size as the small for the other stuff. We went through 2 cans a week minimum. It was awful on the bank account, but within days our baby did a 180. It was awesome and well worth it!!

bekkles said...

I'm so glad your bub is going well, And good on your for sticking to your guns, mothering instinct one, silly doctor nil! That should give you the confidence to follow you gut in the future!

Happy days