Sunday, November 09, 2008


I had a big long old post typed out last week and blogger ate it. Then I retyped a second slightly shorter version and once again blogger ate it. Why I don't copy the post before hitting "publish post" is beyond me but I was frustrated as hell and couldn't be bothered to type it all out again.

So here's the gist of it. I lost maybe 2 pounds but am unsure. I need to change my stats on the side there so I can keep proper track. If I can remember to weigh in tomorrow morning I will do that.

I am having a tough time, hormonally speaking, since Sadie's birth. I am retaining water horribly and have had two periods in 4 weeks, neither of which were fun. Last week was the first week that Marco and I worked opposite shifts and it was really a tough week for all of us. I didn't sleep well, didn't eat well and surely didn't exercise at all. Getting back into all of this is proving to be difficult. It's a bigger adjustment with the baby than I think I was expecting.

We've decided to buy a Wii Fit after the first of the year as our Christmas present to one another. It will be in January because we're spending Christmas in the US (YAY!) so won't be here to buy it in December. Have any of you used the Wii fit for some exercise successfully? I'd love to hear some stories if you have them.

I realize I need to get back to the basics and make myself a little goal or two to shoot for this week. So, this week I am going to try and drink more water. By "more water" I also mean less diet coke not just simply upping my liquids. I'm also going to try and eat a salad for either lunch or dinner at least 4 times this week. This shouldn't be to difficult considering I have the option for a salad every day at lunch. I am also going to eat baked fish or chicken at least 4 times this week.

Okay... so that's a start... let's see where we go from there.


Erin said...

Oh, I sorry to hear that things have been rough....give it time, although it's hard to believe now, things will get better. Our now 3 year old was a rough baby and we hardly slept:( Things got better with time!

We have Wii Fit and I love it! While it doesn't seem like it would make you sweat, some of that stuff really can! Plus, you can compete with others on your WiiFit with who has the best records and stuff. Makes me work out hard to beat my husband and be number one at the hula hoop!:)

Kara said...

I have a Wii Fit! LOVE IT!!!! It is so fun.

kara (jkls)