Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good news, bad news and #*$&% news too.

I did really well this weekend with my eating. I've loaded our fridge with fruits and veggies and have tried to stave off the unnecessary snacks with drinking extra water. Unfortunately with the hot and humid weather here I am still retaining an obscene amount of water and my tootsies are swollen nice and puffy. So that was the good news, I ate well.

The bad news is that my Mom called me to tell my that my Grandpa is in extremely poor health with his second bout of cancer and his doctors don't think he'll make it another two weeks. It is so so so hard being here in Holland when things like this happen. I really thought we'd be able to see him in September when we're in the US. All I want to do is see my Grandpa and say goodbye, hug my Mom and comfort her as she prepares to lose her parent and be with my family. The guilt I feel for living here when my family needs me is overwhelming at times but the worst is just the feeling of utter helplessness.

The #*&$*#@ news is that it's summer holidays and airlines think it's fair to charge 4 times as much for a plane ticket as they would any other time and even with a "bereavement" discount it's still 4 times more than our regular ticket. In fact, it's more than what we're paying to fly home in September for all 4 of us (me, husband, baby and dog). It's the same trip (Amsterdam to St. Louis), same plane, the same amount of fuel, the same seat, the same shitty meal so why the HUGE inflation in price. I realize it's "business" but I find it absolutely sick that somebody somewhere in the whole air travel business can't/wont help me to get a fair and reasonable price to make it home for my Grandpa. It's also partially our fault for not having an emergency stash for instances like this (we will for now on) but it would still sicken me to pay quadruple the amount as usual just because it's June.

So that's the good, bad and %%$#^# news.

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Erin said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa...that has to be so hard:( That's pretty crappy of airlines to pull that. Like you said, it's business, but wth?