Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Good scale news and my new job

I've lost most of the weight that I gained on vacation already so woohoo for that! Most of it was water retension, so it seems, as it slid off rather quickly and my legs and feet are not nearly as puffy.

So, about my new job...

I'm totally excited about it! My official title is Team Assistant to the Programming Department. I will be assisting one VP (French), 3 managers (1 American, 1 Greek, 1 German) and one other person that I'm not sure what the title is or where they're from. The company is UPC and it's owned by Liberty Global who also owns Chello Zone. Basically we're one of the largest broadband, TV and internet providers in Europe. It's a really international company, the working language is English so I'm still not going to get any help with my Dutch. Oh well. I

I'll be doing similar work to what I'm doing at Universal only on a smaller, different scale. What I'm most excited about is that the opportunities to do new things, learn and develop are 100 times more than I'll ever get at Universal and that's really important to me.

The company has a lot of benefits that I'm currently not getting like free travel insurance for our whole family even if the travel isn't work related. The health insurance will be cheaper for me and I will have the top tier of the healthcare scheme. They also pay some money to me to go towards my insurance every month. They pay my traveling expenses to and from work. They contribute to our pension fund over what I put in myself and they're contribution increases with your age. They have yearly wellness checks if you want, at the office. As I mentioned, I will get a discount on my gym membership. There's just a ton of stuff that is really great.

The best part is that I'm not nervous or anxious or second guessing myself about the move or my abilities to do the job well. I have had a positive feeling about this once since the moment my recruiter called me and discussed it with me the first time and that's really great.

So there you go... good news all around!

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Dona said...

Your new job sounds wonderful with lots of nice perks! Thanks for telling us about it and congratulations!!!