Saturday, October 31, 2009

Losing my mind (not my ass)

I swear wrote in here about my Dutch vacation already, since we've been back. I swear I did. I can almost rewrite this post in accordance with my memory of what I thought I wrote but thanks to one of my loyal readers (thanks becklette!) I realize I did NOT tell you guys how my trip went.

Overall, the trip was superb! The second day there my in-laws complemented me on how much better my Dutch was and from then on I just said whatever came to my mind, regardless if it was correct or not and most of them times I seemed to be able to get it semi-right or at least right enough that they could catch my drift. That's a big problem for me, just having the balls enough to make mistakes and sounds a bit daft (or a whole lot of silly) and I managed to get over that.

The park was absolutely gorgeous even for October in the Netherlands. Center Parks is apparently a chain of parks all over the world. In Holland the "center" of the park, where all of the shopping, eating, paying, swimming, is generally covered by a huge dome so you can enjoy the whole park regardless of the weather. We, naturally, booked the only park that didn't come with the fully domed center. The only covered places were the swimming park and the "Action Factory" where kids could play and the rest you had to get through the rain to get to. We were still lucky, especially for the NL, that it didn't rain until the second to the last day. It was chilly and I forgot my coat but we managed to still have a lot of fun.

Our bungalow (and why do I get the sneaking suspicion that I'm spelling that wrong?) was big enough that the 5 of us (me, Marco, Sadie, Oma and Opa) didn't feel like we were on top one another. We had two WC's (water closets or toilets, which seriously are the size of small closets) and one was ever so slightly bigger than the other and even had a small sink in it. We had a separate shower with a sauna and another bathroom/shower combo. We had a full kitchen, living room , dining area and balcony, complete with ducks and a swan who would beg for food.

So whew... I survived and actually I did more than that, I really enjoyed myself! I'll be "camping" again sometime (which I've been told by numerous people that what we did wasn't camping at all but in Holland it's camping baby)!

On the weight loss (or should I just stop calling it weight loss and call it "weight" instead). I've not gotten on the scale in a couple weeks but from the way my jeans felt, I've managed to gain a pound or two. I know why, actually. I keep telling myself, "when I start my new job, I'm going to start everything, losing weight, eating well, exercising." and instead of doing it NOW, even though I know I shouldn't put it off, I am, indeed, putting it off. Ah well, I start my new job Monday (YAY!) so no more excuses after then, right?

I hope you all are having healthy, successful weeks!

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