Friday, January 08, 2010

geesh has it really been that long?

Sorry! Our computer at home is fried, seriously fried, we can't even get it to do anything other than turn on and then it's a blank, black screen, so updating my blog has become difficult.

Okay, aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddd, I haven't done bubkus towards losing any weight. The holidays, illness (Sadie and marco's not my own) and life in general got in the way, once again, and decisions were made... bad, poor. fattening choices were made, over and over and over and those 2 kilos I'd lost were found as quickly as colored eggs on Easter morning. I may even have found a few extra eggs to add to my basket if I pay close enough attention to how my clothes are fitting.

Zumba has collected dust but my new Super Mario Brother's game for Wii has had plenty of face time with me. Oh the shame of it all. (said with dramatic back-of-hand thrown against my forehead).

I should cut a deal with myself, I can only play my game IF AND ONLY IF I have already exercised. That seems fair enough, right? Holding myself to it may be a different thing but it seems like a smart plan because, honestly, jumping on little toadie heads and turtles can go on for hours before you realize what time it is and if I can dedicate that much time to saving the princess then shouldn't I save my own royal ass?


Keith said...

I know what you mean. We got Super Mario Bros for the Wii and you can play for hours and not realize it. I love it. We finally won the whole game and then found out there is a "Secret World 9".

becklette said...

maybe... you could make the game a reward for exercising, rather than exercising a punishment for playing the game?

lately, i'm watching "dexter" on netflix and... fuck. i KNOW that if i get into a show i'll watch every. single. available. episode. but i did it anyway and over the past week i've spent about SIXTEEN HOURS sitting at my desk with my headphones on, watching tv.

at least it's a really good show, not the real housewives of celebrity fit hoarders club or some shit... or so i tell myself, on your blog, for no apparent reason...

Saffa Chick said...

Yeah, I have the same thing going on. No book/tv/xbox until I have exercised and done the chores...

Hang in there. You have the tools, now you just need to add them into your routine.

Good luck!

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