Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Chocolate Blow Out

Birthday parties thrown by my Greek friend, Alexandra, should be 100% off limits for anybody, especially me, who is trying to lose weight. Totally off limits. Greeks are known for feeding their guests to the maximum, and then giving them seconds 'to be sure', (according to her)(and when I say she's Greek, I mean she was actually born and lived in Greece for most of her adult life, not the "American Greek" where your great-great-great-great-great-grandparents-came-from-somewhere-there-but-we-still-hang-onto-the-old-stereotypical-outdated-no-longer-done-traditions-anyway-Greek). She's the real deal.

Oh where to begin where yesterday went wrong... was it the gigantic cookie tree I assembled (and tasted each kind, of course)? Should I start at the three tiered cake that I had a huge slice of (chocolate, with chocolate, with chocolate concluded with... chocolate of course!)? Would it be right to begin at the cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich I ate? Was the beginning the fudge? or the truffle? or the shortbread Greek something or other that was studded with almonds and covered in powdered sugar? maybe it was the rolled up, baked, phyllo dough something that was delicious (and the plate was re-visited twice over)... who knows where to begin when there was so much food involved and it all went oh-so-totally-wrong?

But today is going so much better. I'm not letting yesterdays chocolate-fest-2010 derail or even discourage me. I could say "well you're never going to make your mini goal now" but you know what... I AM going to make that goal! Or at least I'm going to keep trying for it.

I'm not going to weigh in this week because I know seeing that number on the scale could be the deciding factor in pushing me over the edge but I will weigh in next week and I will try to stay on course this week and I will keep on keepin on!


becklette said...

at least you took pleasure in the food. i ate a bunch of 4-month old chocolate chips and three slices of toast with pb & jam because my first slice of toast ripped when i put the pb on it. on yes, good reason.

Barbara Gunn said...

Everyone needs a mini vacation once in awhile! Now back to work!!

Madame K said...

Chocolate is not the enemy. I try to have some every day! :)

How are your food/counseling sessions going? Have you started yet?

ohabbyreally said...

I read a great quote the other day, "I'm not striving for perfection, just persistence."

That party sounds delicious!