Friday, August 13, 2010

Well hello out there!

So I had my second appointment with the disorderly eating folks and I am feeling so great about the prospects and plan. Just a quick recap, my first appointment was kind of just an intake interview and this one gave me a rough map of a plan and the third appointment (in two weeks) we will talk more in depth on how to deal with my issues specifically and continue from there.

What I like best about it is that they use many of the same processes as Dr. Phil's book, The Ultimate Weight Solutions, which, as you very well know, is what I used to drop the 70 pounds back in 2006-07. I really loved his book (the weight loss bible as I call it) and the fact that they will help me take his princples even further really makes so much sense to me.

After having my beautiful little Miss Sadie Pants, I sunk so far into my old habits (stemming partially from complete sleep deprivation) that I just needed further help figuring stuff out that I just can't do on my own. His book was a wonderful starting point though, and I am actually re-reading it now to remember what really did work and help me.

Right now we're focusing on my eating patterns and not really uber concentrated on WHAT I am eating (although of course they gave me lists of things that are good choices, okay choices, and "okay once in a while but not often" choices). Again, they reiterate that nothing is "off limits" which makes it so much less likely that I will binge.

They are more focusing right now into keeping my blood sugar levels actually level and then once I get into a normal, healthy eating pattern, we'll focus more on "what" I am eating. That, in itself, makes me feel more relaxed because I don't want to feel so OBSESSED with food. This approach makes me feel so much less overwhelmed with the task at hand, as I would generally feel plowed with information and things that I just "have" to change immediately, especially in the beginning of changing anything so major, really. She stressed to me that I am not on a DIET (which I knew) but I am just changing the way I think, feel and deal with food.

Yesterday was the first day I tired their method of eating something small between meals, so every 2.5-3 hours I was eating something and it was only in the evening, when I would usually binge that I really had some problems and became nervous and anxious.

We are also trying to work out all of my food and binge triggers. Some are quite obvious (sadness, lonely, boredom) but some are a bit harder to recognize.

I am also somebody who gets nervous and anxious if I do not feel full (stuffed full) and that is something that is going to take some time to work through. We're working on a plan to have things that can keep my mind going in other directions rather than focusing on food, which is also something I did with Dr. P.

I've also realized in just two sessions how much moving overseas 6 years ago really has effected my overall "self", in that my life is so very different than it was in the US regarding friendships and socialization and I may not be dealing with that in the best ways that I can. I stil don't have a clear plan of action for this but hey, I have time, right?

I feel really positive right now. I am keeping a journal of food, of course, and I just really am so glad I sought out help. If anything, meeting with her every two weeks gives me somebody to be accountable to and I think a lot of us need that accountability.

I hope you are all having wonderful, healthy successful weeks.


a very happy birthday to my Mom today!


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Glad your feeling positive and hope the food diary helps.

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I am trying desperatley to get this weight off and hope you don't mind me following your blog for some inspiration