Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Get your shit together man!

So two posts below I blogged about how my DEWY (for those first time readers, DEWY is Disorderly Eating Woman YAY! and eventually I am going to quit explaining that) canceled our appointment without bothering to call me and let me know. Now I’ve emailed her twice with no response. I finally got a phone call from the center where this therapist works saying “We see that you are one of Dewy’s patients and even though you don’t have an appointment scheduled with her, we wanted to call you…” and this is where I cut the woman off and explain that, yes, I DID have an appointment with her, she just didn’t bother to call me to cancel it or write it in her calendar. Oops, I guess the two people I talked to the day of my appointment didn’t bother to write that in the calendar either.

The woman continued to tell me that Dewy is on permanent leave and they don’t know if or when she will be returning. Oh great. Yeah, sorry for her, but with the risk of sounding totally selfish… WTF for me? So now, here I am 8 months after I had my referral from my doctor’s office not one step closer to getting any help than I was then.

I was furious. Not that this woman is “ill” but that this place has dropped the ball again and again and I am going to have to start ALL over with somebody else, answering the same questions, telling the same stories, sharing the same bull. Not only that, they purposely put me with this woman because of her native English skills, as I want to be able to do the appointments in English, so I can express myself (unlike in Dutch where I could only express myself like a 7 or 8 year old can, or I just wouldn’t be able to get the same point across as easily). So I asked when she thought they’d make yet another decision on how to deal with me and she hoped it would be this week. Naturally, it’s the holidays and there is probably nobody around that place, so if I get a call this week I would be extremely surprised. Flabbergasted really.

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