Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's like a kick in the pants...

I wanted to thank you all for taking the time to comment or email me regarding my last post. It really cements my keeping my blog because the support I get from people I've never even met is a tremendous help. It's like group therapy without the appointments. I do really appreciate it any time somebody takes the time to say Hi or hey there or anything, really.

So, I'm still here, still insane (by definition!) and still thinking I can do this.

I had my second appiontment with my DEWY (Disorderly Eating Woman, YAY!) today. I went in totally prepared, food log in hand, subjects to talk about in mind and attitude to boot and guess who called in sick (without bothering to call her appointments)... yep. Dewy. WTF!

I know she can't help that she's sick but a freaking phone call would have been nice. PLUS I just want to keep these regular appointments because it really helps me to keep focused on what I'm doing and actually feel like I'm accomplishing something. So now I have to reschedule and try to get in ASAP as to not derail my progression thusfar, which isn't much, but it's something by golly!

Well, regardless of what happened at my appointment, or lack thereof, I am accomplishing something... I went from 137kilo at my last appointment (the day after I landed back in NL from the US) to 133.2, which is a 3.8 kilo (or 8.36lbs) move in the right direction. Before you go applauding me for a job well done... when I weighed in at 137, I was bloated from my period and retaining some extra water from the flight the day before, so more than likely 6 of the 8 pounds lost was fluids. That said, fluid or not, I weigh 8 pounds less!

I've emailed Dewy to say "thanks a lot, let's reschedule". I've continued logging my food. I've stopped today's binge before it got totally nutso-out-of-hand and I've decided that even though I binged this afternoon doesn't mean I have to continue that behavior for the rest of the day so I am back on track as of this moment (or actually 30 minutes ago).

and away we go... again...

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The Lass said...

You're absolutely in the right mindset - keep on keeping on! I am right there with you, btw. Totally stressed out about Christmas, too. This time of year is NOT easy for me. Not really so much because of too much sugar or binging, but more because I don't have time to cook properly and then eat crap (and too much) at night.