Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dodging the silver bullets

That's the only way I can refer to my swim this morning. The pool was more crowded than usual for a week day, partially due to the team swimming practice taking up the first four lanes and I felt like I spent more time doging the silver bullets (a.k.a. silver headed old people, men in speedos, naturally) than I did really swimming. It sucks when you go in so pumped with a certain vision in mind and then it gets clouded with blurred images of geriatric feet and legs kicking.

Not only that, within my first four, or maybe six laps, I had no idea how many I had swam, so I decided to not concentrate on the amount of meters I went but rather focus on getting in some good kicking and strokes. I swam a full 45 minutes only stopping twice to drain the water (or maybe it's spit?) out of my snorkel and continue on. My arms were pretty shaky by the end which can only mean I worked the poor things to death. YES!!!!!!!!!!

One little question though, is it mean of me to purposely kick hard and above the surface when a certain somebody at the pool passes me by so that water may (or may not) splash her directly in the face, as she NEVER moves out of anybody's way? Naw, I didn't think so either.

Feeling great! Feeling motivated! Feeling a bit chlorine-y and dried out but liking it.

Due to Marco's work schedule I don't know when the next time I'll be able to go swimming is, maybe not be until next week, so I have to figure out a time over the weekend when I can fit in some other sort of cardio and toning exercises.

Hope you're all haveing healthy, successful weeks!

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