Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just keep swimming!

I've got a new obsession. I started swimming laps a few weeks ago and I've taken to it... well, like a fish to water. I didn't want to "share" on here until I was sure that it was something I wanted to stick with though. I'll be the first to admit... I'm addicted. I love it! I love the sereness of being in the water, in the quiet, with my thoughts.  I LOVE that the pool opens up early in the morning so this workout doesn't cut into any of my time with Sadie. I love that I can do it on every day Marco isn't working or works evening shift so I don't have to arrange any sort of child care. I love that it costs me a mere 3 euros for a swim. Most of all, I love that it burns a buttload of calories.

Combining this with My Fitness Pal and all of the information that Dewy provided me with is proving to be a really good formula for me. It works. I'm not hungry. I'm not binging. I'm totally aware of the foods I'm putting into my body and I'm remaning calm and collected throughout the entire process. Pounds aren't flying off "Biggest Loser" style, and I'm okay with that. In fact, I prefer that. They're coming off and that's good enough for me. I have time.

Currently I am swimming in 45 minute incriments because that allows me enough time to get  a shower and make it to work by 9. In those 45 minutes I have worked up to swimming 800 meters or half a mile. My goal is to eventuall work up to swimming an entire mile non-stop. This will take some time as I've never really had swim lessons and am just kind of floundering around right now. At some point I will probably hire a swim coach and take a few lessons just to make sure I'm swimming efficiently.

I'd like to use my blog to track my progress and share with you just how far I'm actually going. I think it'll be a great reminder of how FAR I've actually swam! So expect some more posting from me. (YAY!)

And yes, sometimes during my laps I do get little Dory stuck in my head... "Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!".

I hope you're all having healthy, successful weeks!


Rachel said...

AWESOME! Sounds like you got it together girl! Can't wait to see you! Keep up the inspiring lifestyle! It really makes me wanna change mine!

Anonymous said...

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