Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holy Busy Pools

This is the first time I've swam on the weekend and OMG I think I'll avoid it from now on. There wasn't one single lap that I swam that I didn't have to dodge somebody or multiple somebodies. Oh and to the two chatty Cathies who were totally immersed in conversation AND the water, how about shutting the hell up and getting out of people's way! They wouldn't move for anything! Here I am killing myself to try to be polite and they're yapping away, wading in the water totally clueless to the world around them.

Regardless of the that, I ended up swimming 18 laps, so 900 meters or .55 miles in 45 minutes. I'll go again tomorrow and if my arms aren't sore, I think I will be able to pull off twenty laps. I think I could have done it today had I had my own lane or only had to share with one or two people.

On a whim and with Marco's encouragement I tried on some of the smaller pants in my closet that have been sitting there waiting for me to get my act together and what do you know, some of them fit. He even mentioned how nice my butt looked in one pair! (you're welcome!) I still have work to do though. Loads of work to do but man, I haven't felt this great and positive since probably 2006-2007. I have a wonderful support network, a great plan, my heads on straight and I found an exercise that I LOVE. Can a girl have it all? Seems that this girl can!

Oh and for Mother's Day, I'm asking for a membership to the pool for a year. That'll beat any handbag I could have ever picked out!

I hope you're all having healthy successful weeks!

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