Friday, April 27, 2012


Today's swim was brought to you by the letters A, W, E, S, O, M  and E. I decided I had enough of my faux breast stroke (since I don't kick my feet in the frog like kick) and did every other lap freestyle (the crawl) and it allowed me to add another 100 meters onto my swim in just shy of 45 minutes! I'm up to swimming 22 lengths or 11 laps or 1200 meters or .68 of a mile. Anyway you dice it, it's awesome. 

I've noticed that throughout the day, after a swim, my lungs feel the burn. When I take a deep breath it feels similar to after you've had a good, hard, long wail of a cry. That small little reminder of what I already accomplished that morning sticks with me until after lunch, sometimes into the mid-afternoon and I love it.

Logging my food with My Fitness Pal has been terrific. I've not missed a day in almost 70 days now. I log religiously and I log honestly. Most days I can stay under my calorie goal, although I try to get as close to it as I can, after all, I am SUPPOSED to eat those calories to fuel my body and the site has already created a deficit for me in order to help me lose weight. MFP gives me back calories for my exercise, similar to Weight Watcher's Activity Points" and I do try to eat half of those back although some days my food throughout the day is filling enough that I don't really use the extras. I'm eating loads of great food and I'm making myself aware of the caloric costs of my choices. Mostly though, I'm just loving it.

I hope by Monday I will be weighing in for the last time in the 260's and in two weeks should be claiming my space in the 250's for a little while. That feels incredible.

I hope you're all having healthy, successful weeks!

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