Saturday, February 24, 2007

Today was our meeting with the trainer. It's been 8 weeks since we've met with him to get weighed in, BMI taken, fitness level evaluated... the whole sche-bang-a-lang. We do this every 6 to 8 weeks to keep our motors running, so to speak. "They" say you should change up your routines periodically to keep your body guessing and not get used to your workout.

Overall I think it went pretty well. I was super disappointed that Javier, our new trainer since losing Leineke our original trainer, was on vacation! I guess we all need some time off but GEESH!

We worked with Martin who ended up being really great. He was very attentive to what we were saying, was asking good questions and seemed to really care that we got routines we enjoyed as well as challenged us.

So in this past 8 weeks I have managed to:

- decrease my weight by 7.7 pounds (3.5 kilos) which is lower that my personal goal but again according to "them" losing roughly one pound a week is a healthy weight loss.

- I have lowered my BMI by a whopping 2.8% in 8 weeks. That made me pretty happy. Since beginning working out at the gym in October I have decreased my BMI by 4.7% total. I am still at a high percentage, nowhere near healthy, but it is getting better with every single meeting.

- My fitness level is still "zwak" in Dutch or "weak" in English. On the bright side of things my zwak-ness is less zwaker than it was last time. I'm still far away from being "niet zo zwak" or not so weak but back in October, if you remeber correctly, they almost had to create a new level altogether to describe my weakness. I'm content.

- I don't know how they calculate it but he seemed to be pretty impressed with the fact that I've added 1.5 pounds of muscle onto my body. Hell, I'm impressed why shouldn't he be? Muscle burns more calories while resting so the more I have the better. Again this also proves why I shouldn't be too torn when my scale isn't budging as quickly as I want it to. I am gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat) so it should be expected.

I think it's been a pretty productive 8 weeks then. I'm looking forward to starting my new routine. It always makes the time at the gym go by faster if I am concentrating on my form.

To celebrate our successes at the gym (Marco also did really well over the past 8 weeks, gaining muscle, losing fat and becoming more fit. Plus his legs are looking super sexy, Meeoooowww!) we went shopping and I got some new workout clothes and new shoes. Shoes always makes this girl a happy camper. Like a child I had to put them on as soon as they were paid for, they're so super cute! Marco didn't get anything but he does get to see me in my new workout clothes so that counts doesn't it?

Tomorrow I'm going test my new gear and to try to make it to a step areobics class that also incororates strength training into it. Since we weren't able to make it to the body pump class this weekend I thought this could be in interesting alternative. It starts at 11 so hopefully I'm up and running by then.

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