Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Weigh-in (real original I know!)

After 2 weeks of pretty decent weigh-ins I wasn’t surprised to see a gain this week. I was surprised, however, to see how little the gain was. I’m one pound up from last week which is really nothing…well it’s something but not a big something. I have managed to say above the -60 pound mark (currently at 60.74 pounds down) which really does surprise me. I thought for sure that after hitting the 60 mark I would dip back into the upper 50’s a few more times but apparently that’s not going to be the case. Hanging out with 60 has been kind of cool but I think I’m ready to move on… maybe linger around 65-ish for a bit before making a mad dash for 70.

We did our new full workout routine last night for the first time. It was extremely challenging. My legs were like two rubber bands by time I got done with my lifting. I’m lifting heavier weights than I was in the last 8 weeks and in totally different ways and it really works me out. I honestly didn’t think I was going to be able to make it 30 full minutes on the crosstrainer when I jumped on but after about 10 minutes my legs finally gave in and went numb and I was able to finish the full routine.

My new shoes are working out great with one small exception. While on the crosstrainer my feet tend to go numb which from what I’ve read is normal as you’re not picking your feet up so the blood doesn’t circulate and your feet swell while training. This usually happens about 20 minutes into the workout. Well with new shoes they go numb and burn within about 3 minutes of being on the machine. I stopped and unlaced my shoes which helped a little but my feet were still on fire throughout most the workout. Hopefully this will subside as I break the shoes in… the sooner the better.

So that’s about it for my weigh-in today.


Jayne said...

Ok I'm so happy to hear about the toes going numb! Well... I mean that happens to me too on the cross trainer at exactly the 20 minute mark. I thought there was something strange about me or that I had some blockage somewhere. Cool.

Amy said...

This has always happened to me too. I just bought a new pair of shoes too, but this time I got them a 1/2 size bigger, and got them in wide. What a huge difference it's made! My toes can wiggle around and they feel so much better! I actually ended up getting a men's shoe, since around here wide's are hard to find in women's. (The store-guy said that most men's shoes typically run wider anyways). It's amazing how a regular cardio workout can feel so refreshed in a new pair of shoes!